Loud music can damage your hearing …

Everyone has that one neighbor or neighbor(s) who enjoy cranking up their music so the whole neighborhood can hear every weekend and if you’re the house right next door then you’re feeling like me thinking to yourself turn that sh!t off or I’m bring my sledge hammer and make my own noise … the sound of my sledge hammer bashing your stereo to bits.

(=_=) Sleeping in on the weekends has become a thing of the past now with neighbors who enjoying giving *Free* neighbor concerts every weekend. Research has shown that listening to loud music whether via ear buds, car stereo, or home stereo can damage your hearing. You’ll either temporarily experience hearing loss or permanent if you’re exposed to loud noise daily. I think it’s too late for my neighbors bcuz they tend to SHOUT like they were at a loud concert even though they are just within feet of distance. So I’m guessing by their shouting that their hearing has been affected.

It’s pretty sad if you have to wear hearing aids at the age of 20 and it’s not caused by a ear disability but rather years of listening to your music at top notch volume settings. Pretty annoying when you’re friends and family talking to you and you have to say … WHAT ? I CAN’T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING SPEAK LOUDER !!

What concerns me is even if the neighbors are the ones playing the loud music it’s loud enough that it probably can affect the hearing of the neighbors who have to put up with your loud music. You may not be directly near the speakers or source of the music but it’s loud enough that you’ll probably also be affected by hearing loss.

If my husband is home and off-from work our solution is just to get outta the house til midnight or near midnight in hopes that they’ve turned their music down or off enough that we can get some sleep and/or just relax in peace. If they’re music is still blaring then we just ask police to please tell them to turn it down. Police officers have generally told us … Midnight is the curfew time for Loud Music. You either gotta turn it down or off by Midnight no later or risk getting a citation for disturbing the peace.

I don’t wanna sound like neighbors from hell but when we reached a certain age we started to value the peace and quiet we have in our home. We enjoy just peacefully watching TV without having to turn it up bcuz our neighbors noise is over shadowing the volume of our TV and my husband enjoys relaxing at home on his day(s) off to peacefully spending time together watching a movie or just curling up on the couch to watch whatever on TV.

I seriously think that the subject of Common Courtesy has died. Nobody has common courtesy anymore and that goes both neighbors and anywhere else. How many times has people cut you off or changed lanes and sped right passed you bcuz you were going a little too slow for their pace ? I mean what’s the rush ? I seriously sometimes wanna roll down my window and ask … Excuse me ? Are you in such a rush that you have to disobey speed limits ?

I mean if you’re driving on the freeways you’ll noticed that rarely anyone is going the 70 mph posted speed limit. Everyone drives like there’s a ghost chasing them or they gotta take a #2 really badly. I mean you see so many people driving 80-90 mph zig zagging between lanes to pass the those obeying the speed limit and those who are not in a rush to get to where they’re going.

And when those rushing through traffic get into a fender bender they immediately blame the innocent for being at fault. Common courtesy of letting a driver into your lane from a driveway whether residential or business, patiently and respectfully keeping your distance from the car ahead, and common courtesy to not disturb others in your neighborhood is just something that rarely if ever exists anymore.

Not only are animals going extinct but morals also going extinct. No more respect, kindness, tolerance, courtesy, and love.

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