Pikachu is as Popular as Ever !! (o ^w^ o)

For the many of us who grew up in the 90s. Pokemon was a BIG part of our childhood-teen years. Number #25 on the list of First original 150 Pokemons that were created … Pikachu should really be Pokemon Number #1 bcuz no matter what he’s is always thee most popular Pokemon outta the what 250+ Pokemon there are now.

I didn’t know or realize just how popular he really is until McDonald’s revealed that their current toy is going to be Pokemon Black & White and Zoobles. Pikachu was one of the toy figurines that was featured as part of the Pokemon Black and White collection. I attempted to get one for my collection of Pikachu memorabilia as I too am a HUGE fan of Pikachu but sadly my attempt has gone unsuccessful as every McDonald’s I went to were SOLD OUT on Pikachu but overflowing with every other character they had.

I was disappointed but yet surprised at how popular Pikachu still was even to the newer generations just getting into the Pokemon craze. I honestly thought the days of spending every dollar you had to get the new packs of Pokemon cards and wishing til you bled from the ears for the latest Pokemon game was old and passed on. Kinda like Yugi-Oh … whatever happened to that ? But I guess Pikachu is a character that is timelessly Popular and loved by ALL old and young alike.

So may the adventures from Palet town to Johto to ??? be forever endless just like the many endless attempts by Team Rocket to steal Ash’s Pikachu live on Forever. Pi Pika Pika Chuuu …. (o^w^o)


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