Celebrate 4th of July … Safely and Sober !

As we all get ready to celebrate 4th of July. I wanted to share with you that 4th of July isn’t always about burning your dollars in Fireworks and giving your Liver a beating with alcohol nor is it about stuffing your face with BBQ. We often forget the true meaning of a Holiday and 4th of July is the celebrate the independence of America. 4th of July doesn’t have to be remembered by getting a DUI or blowing off a finger trying to light that firework. It’s about remembrance of the soldiers who’ve fought for the Independence of America the presidents who help guide and make that possible.

But if you still feel the need to have an alcoholic beverage trying going without the alcohol and make your beverage choices a mocktail. One of my favorite Mocktail is a Mojito and just like other alcoholic beverages they don’t have to have the alcohol.

Now a real Mojito has white rum or vodka. Let me share with you a quick and easy ALCOHOL-FREE Mojito which I like to make on hot summer nights. If you like you can go fancy and make Simple Syrup instead but I cheat bcuz I’m afraid to burn the sugar while trying to make simple syrup. My recipe for a refreshing non-alcholic Mojito is  …

[] Mint leaves – About 3-4 Sprigs

[] Lemon/Limeade – Can be fresh made or bottled/can like Minute maid or Country Time powdered

[] Ice

[] Martini shake *optional*

All you do is first add a handful of mint leaves into a tall glass or martini shaker if you got one. Use a blunt object like the back of a butter knife to muddle or gently smash the mint leaves – add in ice about ½ half up the cup – pour in the lemon/limeade – shake it up so the mint oils mix with the liquid – garnish with a sprig of mint or lemon/lime wedge.

This is a drink that even children can enjoy as it has no alcohol and the mint is really refreshing. I plan to try to create other mocktails in the future such as a Martini without the alcohol. There are mocktails out there which you can buy. So far I have tried a Rasperberry Martini Mocktail, Apple Lime Martini Mocktail, and a Lime Margarita Mocktail. Wasn’t liking the lime margarita mocktail too much but the Martini mocktails were yummy !

So this 4th of July try to go easy on your Liver bcuz it’s an important organ and can only take so much beating from alcohol. 4th of July can still be fun without your blood alcohol content being spiked high. I lost my Dad to Alcohol and it’s a pain that never heals. I do not wish losing a loved one to alcohol on anyone not even my worstest enemies. So try to have a safe and sober 4th of July !!

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