Movie Creators got Creators Block ? (T_T)

How many people have been to the movies recently ? I don’t go very often but lately I’ve noticed that Movie Creators seems to be having Creators block bcuz the movies all seem to be recreations of old movies like they have nothing new to create.

For example the movie Total Recall which featured Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be recreated. Same story line just better graphics I suppose. Movie makers don’t seem to have anything else to make. Another example is Ice Age. I thought they were done making Ice Age after the last Ice Age movie and even reported that it was the last one but they made another Ice Age movie.

They couldn’t come up with a *NEW* animated movie ? Instead they just recreate and add on to the old one. Such as Spiderman being pretty much the same as the old Spiderman movies just added a few things here and there. It just seems to me that lately Movie creators aren’t really making anything new but rather pulling out old movies and recreating them hoping the older generations who’s watched the original won’t remember and the newer generations would just take it as something new.

But come on !! You can’t paint a Polar bear Black and White and tell us it’s a Panda. Come up with *NEW* stuff not recreations of old movies or adding on to a new movie hoping that it’ll seem new. Movie tickets aren’t cheap and the way movies are going I’ll just wait to rent it or see it when they play in on Public TV. Other wise the only thing I look forward to at a Movie theater is the Popcorn.


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