R.I.P : Maggie – May 2006 ~ July 2012

I never thought you’d be gone so soon,

Our last moments together were in the afternoon.

My heart feels empty, blank and void,

A wrong decision that I wish I could avoid.

You lost your Life but at a cost,

Forever in mourning, pain, and lost.

My furry best friend is gone forever,

But from my heart and memories never.

I can’t stop the tears I shed,

I miss you dearly but will look ahead.

For the tears I shed won’t bring you back.

Rest in Peace, Maggie.

Life is too short ! I was given a sad reminder of that last night as my precious dog was tragically run over and died instantly. The pain I feel is so unbearable. If I had a swimming pool I could fill it up with my tears. One minute she was happily romping in the driveway and the next minute she’s gone. The feeling of handing over her limp body wrapped in a towel to the local veterinary clinic for disposal is a feeling that nobody should ever have to endure. I know to some this was just a dog but to other a dog is just as human as anyone else. I can’t believe that she is gone from me. It hurts so much !! My wounds of when my father passed away have all reopened and the pain has started all over again. I know she is in a better place and happily romping with the other dogs in heaven but I just can’t get over it. I Miss her so much !!


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