Welcome the *NEW* Addition … Liela !

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ! My weekend started off great. Yesterday, I adopted a 8 week old Pomchi “Pomeranian-Chihuahua” puppy. My husband and I named her Leila. It’s been about 2 weeks since the tragic loss of my K9 baby “Maggie”. Although Maggie will not be forgotten I believe that she is happy that we found someone to take over her duty of Loving and Caring for both me and her brother Moose. Moose is a genuine sweetheart so I knew he wouldn’t have any trouble accepting Leila into his world.

I thought that being this is a Blog I would blog my Day to Day experiences raising and helping Leila grow to be a wonderfully loved dog as I have with Moose and Maggie. I adopted Moose and Maggie when they were 5 months old. Originally I was planning to just adopt Moose but the owners told me they were running low on time and probably going to be force to put Maggie in a Animal Shelter. I didn’t wanna see such a cute dog end up there. So I sacrificed and adopted both of them.

Anyways feel free to follow along in my journey of watching Leila grow from puppy to a beautiful young lady. (n_n) Below is a picture of Moose and Maggie to let you see what cuties they are too.

This may not be a recent picture but Maggie is the Black and White trying to be the center of attention and Moose is the honey-gold one underneath trying to push in for his share of the attention. L0L (n_n)


❤ LEILA : Born May 31, 2012 – Pomeranian/Chihuahua “PomChi”

Day 1 : August 1, 2012 – It’s been almost 2 weeks since the tragic passing of Maggie. As my 13 yr. Anniversary approaches my husband decided to buy me a puppy for our Anniversary and put me in charge of find that perfect K9. I’ve searched all over the internet sites and local animal shelter sites. But I’ve been looking at an adorable 8 week old almost all Black Pomchi pup. My God-Mom is a retired Pomeranian breeder so I’ve been around Pomeranian pups and Pomeranians most of my Life. Especially when she owned like 15 of them at one point. I’ve babysat her pups and cared for her Pomeranians and knew immediately that if I ever got a dog it’d be a Pom. But there was a long list of breeds I really adored but Poms was #1.

Day 2 : August 2, 2012 – After talking it over with my husband and looking at hundreds of different dog ads my husband and I debated over what type of breed we should adopt. I knew given our living situation it has to be a small breed bcuz we definitely couldn’t house a BIG German Shepherd or Labrador. Moose and Maggie are Miniature Pinscher mixes  and my husband seems to love the look of Miniature Pinschers even the Doberman Pinscher. We looked over many different breeds and mix breeds but Poms always stuck out in my mind like a sore thumb. But Pom pups were just outta our price range and then I started looking at Chihuahuas. They were small, cute, and similar to size of Maggie. I didn’t wanna buy a dog that would end up growing to become bigger than Moose. I still wanted him to be the Alpha male of this house. I came across an add form a PomChi … a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix. The price was a bit high but after browsing some more I decided it’s fate was sealed. It had stolen my heart ! ❤

Day 3 : August 3, 2012 – After some further discussion my husband asked if I’m sure that this pup was the one I wanted to adopt and I was sure. So he contacted the seller and we made a meeting spot to see the pup(s). She had two(2) Pomchi girls available. I was going to adopt the one with the one small spot on her chest but I ended up taking the one with the larger patches of white on the chest. I guess you can kinda say she chose me instead of me choosing her. She approached me with a wagging tail and I knew she was it. Upon purchase of the pup we took her home to meet her Big Brother Moose. We were a bit unsure of how he’d react to her but I knew Moose is a genuine sweetheart and would take her under his paw. We watched as she explored her new world and Moose examined his new roomie. Moose immediately put on his Big Brother collar and showed her where the food bowl was then the water bowl and then he showed her where to do her business. We expected there’s going to be accidents but her first day and she pooped on the newspaper just like her Big Brother Moose taught her. We were immediately happy that she knew that the paper is the potty not anywhere else. It took her a few moments to adjust as well as Moose adjusting to her but by the end of the day Moose welcomed her into his dog house and they slept in peace just like when he and his Sister peacefully lived.

Day 4 : August 4, 2012 – Well, I never imagined that an 8 week old puppy would be alot different from a 20 week old puppy. When I adopted Moose and Maggie they were 5 months old. Leila is only 2 months old the youngest pup I’ve ever adopted. I didn’t think a 3 month difference would be a big difference but it’s alot different. I was woken up at 7:30am by Leila crying which isn’t exactly my usual wake up time. It made me think to myself … Wow ! This must be what it feels like to be a new mom. To be woken up at odd hours by your baby crying. I woke up to comfort Leila and provide her with a plush toy to snuggle up to. It was Horse that my husband won for me from Las Vegas. It’s sorta interesting that I named the Horse Lilo and Lilo ended up becoming Leila’s comfort toy. Lilo and Leila ! L0L But soon as I put the plush horse down on the floor Leila tugged at the fluffy tail and grabbed it by the hooves to drag to a comfortable spot where she quietly sat nibbling on the plush toy. After a few minutes of puppy play she let out a yawn and found it doubles as a soft pillow for naps.

Day 5 : August 5, 2012 – Happy 13 yr. Anniversary (n_n) Today marks my 13 yr. Anniversary with my husband. Our 1 yr. Wedding Anniversary is next month but starting today I have been by his side for 13 yrs. Now on to Leila she’s learning and growing stronger everyday. She’s learned to climb up stairs, hop off the couch, and is starting to become a little more vocal. Not to mention her chewing habits are coming out. We bought her some puppy chew things but she’s one tough cookie bcuz she prefers to chew on Moose’s adult dog rawhide bones instead. She’s so curious about everything. I’m just one proud K9 Mommy ! 😀 She amazes me everyday.

Day 6 : August 6, 2012 – Everyday is a new learning experience for Leila. She’s now climbing up and down the stairs without little hesitation, she has learned to Bark, and be a bit defensive against her older brother Moose who’s been trying to tolerate the fact that he’s a chew toy to her. One bad thing is I found a tick on her and when we gave her a flea shampoo we found many ticks pop off her. We immediately went out and bought K9 Advantix II to get rid of those ticks and we also gave some to Moose in case he catches her ticks. Petsmart has a great Puppy Starter kit that includes alot of freebies and discounts on puppy care items. It’s a small booklet for $19 and I think it’s a MUST-HAVE for Puppy owners.

Day 7 : August 7, 2012 – She’s growing up so quick ! She’s a bursting ball of energy now and becoming more independent as the days pass. She no longer cries for help getting down the stairs but now bursts up and down them without fear. I’m just enjoying every minute and every day watching her go from baby to pup or if you were to compare baby to toddler.

Day 8 : August 8, 2012 – I am definitely noticing some growth in her. Her legs are a little longer and not as short and stubby looking as when I adopted her. She’s also developing a nice lean physique compared to the round chubby body she had when I first brought her home. She’s still as curious as ever and still requiring lots of naps but slowly becoming less whiny and crying for attention.

Day 9 : August 9, 2012 – So I’ve decided that I’ll continue to blog her day to day growth for 30 days and continue to blog her changes privately after that. I think the first month of growth is good enough to share with you. Then after several months has gone by I’ll update with a new pic of her and share ALL the experiences that you weren’t able to experience along side me. So much of her reminds me of Maggie and how Maggie was when she was a pup. I adopted Moose and Maggie when they were 5 months old. There’s just so much that Leila does that Maggie used to do when she was pup. Moose is beginning to tolerate her more and more and isn’t as grumpy towards her. But sometimes Leila can get outta line and need to be put back in her place by Moose bcuz he is the Alpha dog and isn’t about to let a 2 month old take his royal throne. I’m just very glad that Moose teaches her things she should know immediately. For example … she immediately knew to do her business on the newspapers. She does on occasions make boo boos but majority of the time she’s spot on to where she’s suppose to go.

Day 10 – 17 : August 10-17, 2012 – Well, sadly for about a week Leila is going to be solely under the care of my husband as I have been requested to babysit my niece for a week. I’d love to bring Leila with me but I can’t. It’s going to be hard not being able to watch and log her daily growth. My husband took her for a walk the other day and at first she was hesitant to walk while on a leash but after her older brother Moose showed her how it’s done. She know trots happily besides you. (n_n) Last night it was scorching hot so we let them run outside and Moose seem to be playing tag with her. He tapped her with his paw and took off running at blazing speeds. Leila didn’t exactly chase him the first time but the 2nd time around she took off after him but easily got tired. I guess her puppy legs and muscles can’t keep up with Moose who’s 6 yrs. old. I’m truly going to miss her daily antics while away but this is also good training for her to learn to behave when alone for long periods of time. Besides she has her brother to keep her company and to keep her in check. I’ll update soon as I get back from my Babysitting duties.

Day 18 : August 18. 2012 – Well, I am back from my week+ long duty of babysitting and I must say I am saddened to return and see how much Leila has truly grown while I was gone. She’s no longer my small backpack sized pup. She’s dramatically grown to where she’s almost as BIG as her big brother Moose. In about 2 weeks she’ll be Three(3) months old !! I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. She’ll be ready for her next set of shots and soon be old enough to get spayed. But I have to say the week+ that I was gone really hurt me when I came home to see that Leila has gotten so big and I wasn’t here to blog her week long growth. Each day she’s growing and learning something new so in that 7+ days I was gone alot has probably been missed. I was sorta mixed emotions bcuz I was sad to have missed her growth but angry that I had to babysit so long. But I guess I can still pick off with whatever I got left with her.

Day 19 : August 19, 2012 – Leila has seem to have passed puppy stage and now in the terrible two(2) phase. She is always up to no good and grows bored easily which leads her to destruction whether shredding up newspapers or going into places she shouldn’t go. Moose has also began to have shortened temper and tolerance around Leila that he will nip her when annoyed. But Leila also seems to think Moose is a walking stuffed animal as she attempts to chew on him.

Day 20 : August 20, 2012 – Only few more days til Leila is Three(3) months old and ready for her second set of Shots. Time goes by so fast. It felt like just yesterday she was a tiny 8 week old pup heading into a new world with a new family and a whole new Life ahead of her. She’s now a handful and growing every day both Physically, Mentally, and less puppy-ish as the days go by. But I am glad I will be able to blog her first month of Life with me. I am looking forward to the many years of cherished memories and Love that we will both be providing to each other. 🙂 I Love you, Little Leila !!

Day 21 : August 21, 2012 – Officially 10 more days til she is Three(3) months old. She’s going to be ready for her 2nd set of shots and after that she’ll be old enough to get spayed and licensed. Strange how only Los Angeles requires dogs to be licensed by the Dept of Animal Services. I still often think of Maggie and if she’s having fun up in Doggy Heaven but Leila requires so much attention and care that I know Maggie wants me to focus my attention on her and not worry about her as she’s walking with the Lord now and Pooping on the clouds. LOL But still I Miss you, Maggie !!

Day 22 : August 22, 2012 – Leila is definitely in her terrible twos of puppy age. She has been nothing but a bad doggy. I nickname her Hurricane Leila bcuz she thrashes everything in her path. Multiple times have I had to mop the bathroom floor bcuz she knocks over her water bowl spilling puddles all over, I had to change her newspapers bcuz I don’t know whether I have a puppy or a paper shredder with a fur coat bcuz the newspaper would be shredded and torn up, and since learning to bark she barks at Moose incessantly. I can’t wait for her terrible twos to end and to get her spayed so some of her turmoil will mellow out.

Day 23 : August 23, 2012 – Well, Day 3 of the reign of Hurricane Leila. Where I was woken up early this morning by her barking at Moose. But just like any human baby she has her good days and bad days. Today seems to be another one of her bad days where she just won’t behave herself and authority is something that is foreign to her. I have been getting lots of negative criticism and comments from a PomChi forum of which I have no abandoned due to the fact that it’s full of high class snobby people. I was talked to negatively about why I am not taking Leila to Puppy training, why I am allowing the behaviors she is showing, and that I need to train her to behave herself. When I said I cannot afford to pay for a Puppy training nor does my husband have time to attend a puppy training class unless it’s on a weekend. I was immediately drowned by messages of … if you can’t afford proper training for your puppy/dog then you should not get a dog to begin with and other messages like a puppy/dog deserves someone who can afford the care and love that you can’t seem to provide. One person even went as far as to say I should have my puppy taken away and animal control called on me for animal abuse. Seriously ?? Why should I be cited for animal abuse ? I’m not beating my puppy, I’m not feeding it garbage, I feed my dogs twice a day with Chef Michaels and Nutro Ultra Puppy food. I don’t see what constitutes me being a animal abuser bcuz my puppy is going through a naughty phase.

Day 24 – 30 : August 24-30, 2012 – Well, I was once again called for babysitting duties as my niece’s daycare was now closed for the staff to go on their Summer vacation trips but she starts school after Labor day. Again I’m gonna miss a week of being able to watch Leila’s growth changes and I’ve already missed so much of it. (-_-,)

Day 31 : August 31, 2012 – Happy 3 month Birthday, Leila !! It was 3 months ago that my little princess was born and now a great part of my Life. This will be my last and final posting as I told myself I’d only blog the first month of her *NEW* Life with me. Although I was again away for a week upon return I immediately noticed the dramatic changes in Leila. She’s gotten bigger once again and her ears are no longer droopy ear but pointy. I am definitely starting to doubt that she is a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix bcuz she has surpassed the normal size of both a Pomeranian or Chihuahua. A Pomeranian and Chihuahua are relatively small dogs but Leila is growing to be the size of a Labrador pup and is not pocket/purse sized as most Pomeranian/Chihuahuas are. I’m beginning to wonder if she is a Labrador mix of some sort. But hopefully she is not bcuz my home is not big enough to house a dog of that size. My landlord may not like that. (T~T) I will post a current picture of her as my final ending to my Puppy Blog soon as I get one taken.


LAST & FINAL UPDATE : As I stated in my last post I promised to post a current picture of my Pomchi Princess Leila. She has dramatically changed in many ways since the 1st photo posted at the beginning of this blog. Her droopy puppy ears are long gone and she now has perky pointed ears and now often getting mistaken for a Black German Shepherd puppy. I have to admit that even I myself is starting to doubt whether she is a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix bcuz of her massive size. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say massive but she is definitely bigger than your average Pomeranian or Chihuahua. But whatever breed she is we love her and looking forward to watching her continue growing up into a mature young lady. Leila, it was a blessing to have watched you grow from a small 8 week old pup to the 3 month old curious trouble-maker you are today. We admit you’ve had us on our final nerves a few times when you trouble arose but we love ya and glad to have you as a part of our family. Now to end this blog post with the recent photo of her. This is my Princess Leila now @ 3 months old. Thank you for following along with my one month experience with Leila.


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