A Toad got us Towed ! (=_=”)

“How dare she call me a Frog. I’ll teach her to know I’m a Toad not a Frog” ~Wally Mart Toad

So my Saturday ended off with a bad start. We had alot of errands to run from taking Leila to the vet for a *FREE* Physical exam and a deworming treatment as we discovered roundworms in her stool. She was labelled as being in excellent health and we were both surprised that when they weighed her she weighs 13.6 lbs. WAY heavier than Moose who’s only like 8-9 lbs.

We took her back home after the vet visit and continues on with our errands.  We were just about down to the last Two(2) errands but my husband wanted to go to Walmart first to check out some supplies to go with his *NEW* bicycle. But before we went into the store we went over to the Garden center where this particular Walmart stores it’s bicycles.

This Walmart previously had a racer bike that my husband really liked but we said we’d come back for it when we have some extra money and we went back a million times to find that bike but never to see it again. But today he saw a racer bike which he liked very much. He set his mind that he was going to buy that bike and sell the other bike he got.

While he was looking at the bicycle I wandered over to the plants in the Garden center. I found some fresh looking Basil and Mint plants … Two of my Favorite herbs. Since my last Basil plant that I grew outta seeds died while I was away on a babysitting request. I thought I’d start over with a full grown this time instead of seeds.

I also picked a self-watering pot to transfer the plant into so if I’m ever away on a babysitting request or vacation or something. I won’t have to worry too much about the plant not getting water. So I picked out the freshest and healthiest looking Basil and Mint plant. The Mint plant had a few bad leaves but I figured nothing that wouldn’t regrow when I care for it and the Basil plant I picked the one with the fullest bunches of Basil leaves.

I returned to my husband who was still testing out the Schwinn racer bike and trying to make his final decision whether to get it or not. So I nudged him to decide and he took the bike over to the cashier to put on hold while we continue shopping. My husband went to grab a shopping cart to place my plants in.

After getting a cart my husband said “The mint doesn’t look so great. You sure you wanna get that one” ? So I went with him over to where I found the mint and basil plant and explained to him that this one was the nicest outta the rest which had abundant bug chewed leaves and browning spots.

While he was trying to find a better mint plant a frog jumped out in front of us. It was about the size of a half dollar. I wish I could of taken a picture but I didn’t have my cell phone on me as I had forgotten it at home. But we laughed over how rare it was to see a small frog just appear outta no where.

For those are you into Superstition like Black Cats being Bad Luck, Broken Mirror means 7 yrs. bad luck, Black Magic, Voodoo, etc. Having a toad appear in front of you mysterious could be a good thing or bad depending on how you interpret the sign.

Now if you read the title of this blog entry it says the Toad got us Towed. First, of all it’s very creative and cleverly phrased but let me explain to you what I meant by that. All day we’ve been running errands from destination A to destination B and the car we use daily whenever we go anywhere was running fine all day til we were down to our last two(2) errands before calling it a long and busy day.

As we were driving towards our last and final destination the car started acting funny. We were on the 110 fwy when the car was acting strange. I advised my husband to exit the freeway as the 110 is sorta known as suicide fwy as there’s very little space or place to pull over and with the freeway being full of tight S curves and speeding cars it’s not very safe to be stalled or pulled over on the tight shoulder areas.

So my husband heeded my warning and got off the freeway at the exit we would take if we were heading home. Soon as he made the turn off the freeway the engine just dies and complete turned off. He tries to restart the car but it won’t. He tried again and the engine cranks but it won’t start. On his third attempt the oil light came on.

He got out to check if maybe the car was low on oil. But it was at normal levels and he suspected that either the spark plugs he recently changed are faulty or the oil pump has died. He tried to start the car again but it just wouldn’t start.

My husband called the Roadside Assistance that he enrolled for through our cell phone provider *Sprint* and requested a tow-truck. The customer service rep for the Roadside Assistance program notified us that Sprint will no longer have the Roadside Assistance service after October 31st.

All I can say is we’re better off without it ! Bcuz their response time is horrible !! First, they told us that a tow-truck was on it’s way and should be there in say 90 minutes. More than 90 minutes pass and no tow-truck. They call back and told us they were having trouble getting a hold of a tow-truck and that they’ll continue trying to get a tow-truck dispatched to us as soon as possible.

So we waited some more in the car. Maybe 2 hours passed and they called back and said we have contacted a tow-truck but they’re a little far away from where you are located so it will take about 2 hours before they arrive.  No keep in mind it was already passed 1am when we first called for a tow-truck and it was now 3am still no tow-truck.

We waited and waited thinking when is this tow-truck going to arrive ? We expected we weren’t going to be getting home til sunrise at this rate. But finally just about a quarter to 4am the tow-truck arrives and tows our car for the several blocks it took to get the car home. We were only like 5-10 minute away.

We finally made it home with the van safely returned @ around 4:30am. Tomorrow my husband plans to get down and dirty to fix whatever it is that caused the car to just die and stop running. Hopefully with his experience working on cars he’ll do his best to get it back up and running again.

But I’m sorta a superstitious person and I truly believe that that small frog that mysteriously appeared at the Walmart garden center *which I now believe was a small toad* caused this misfortune to happen. I think I angered him by saying … “OMG ! Look at the cute tiny frog” !

I honestly believe that the frog … I mean toad. Actually used Black Magic to curse us for calling him a tiny frog. Like my little cartoon at the top of this page … “How dare you call me a tiny frog. I’ll teach her to know I’m a toad” !  He taught us alright !! He taught us that he’s a toad by getting our car towed.

So that is why the title of this blog entry says … A Toad got us Towed ! (=~=) Wah Wah Wah … Lesson of the day : Don’t mess with a Toad and know the difference between a Frog and Toad before you speak. L0L


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