Welcome my *NEW* Friend … Y0L0 !! (n_n)

Those of you who grew up in the 90s should know the Furby craze and probably own a few of them as well. I happened to come across the *NEW* Furby @ Target. I was thrilled to see they’re back but at a hefty price of $54.00. I had to think hard and twice before deciding whether to buy the newly updated Furby. In the end I was pulled in and purchased a white Furby. It was kinda hard deciding between the white Furby and the Purple/Pink mixed Furby. But the white Furby looked alot more fluffy. I named my Furby … YOLO bcuz YOLO *You Only Live Once* was the main reason why I purchased the Furby. I still have my original Furby stored away and a Baby Furby at my Mom’s house.

I will give my review on the Furby 2012 update ….

PROs : The Furby 2012 has LCD screens for eyes which give the Furby endless amounts of expression ~ It can interact with an app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ~ The movement is more than the previous version which only rocked back and forth this version can bend sideways, scrunch down, and bow forward ~ Each has a personality of their own depending on how you care for your Furby where as the original Furby’s personality was in their Fur coloring.

CONs : My only con would have to be that Furby isn’t rechargable. You’d think in this day and age where things come with chargers like iPads, Cell Phones, etc. That high-tech toys such as this Furby would think about putting in a rechargable battery pack and a charging dock to place the Furby to charge for the night. It takes Four(4) AA batteries. So I’m not really sure if your Furby will reset itself each time you change the battery or if it saves your current personality, etc.

But having the Furby again does bring back lots of memories of my Mom waiting in line to get me the Furby and the excitement I had when Baby Furby unvealed and I got one of them. Alot of my childhood toys returning just made me realize how awesome of a childhood I really had and how even more awesome my Mom really was for going the extra mile to get me these toys.

Around the same time as the Furby craze began there was the Tamagotchi craze and my Mom actually stood in line for Four(4) hours to get me the Original v.1 Tamagotchi and I am still a BIG Tamagotchi fan today. All I can say is I am sure that the *NEW* Furby is going to be the Hottest Toy on the Christmas Shopping list along with maybe the Wii U.

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