“Plastic Bags are scare me” ~ Leila X( – Dogs .vs. Plastic Bags

It’s been awhile since I last posted on my Blah-Blah blog. Leila has grown so much since the last posted about her. As of tomorrow October 31st *Halloween* she is 5 months old. Time sure flies by fast !! Seems like just yesterday she was a innocent 2 month old puppy adjusting to her new home. But now she’s a grown girl and I still doubt she’s a Pomchi and possibly a German Shepherd mix. She most likely weighs close to 20 lbs. now (O A o). Pomchis probably don’t weigh more than 10 lbs at most. All I can say is she’s a big girl !

Now on to this blog post. Today I post about the curious thing about dogs and the sound of plastic bags. My suspicions of Leila being a German Shepherd mix is bcuz I once temporarily owned a German Shepherd-Chow Chow mix named Lucy and she too was afraid of the sound of a plastic bag. Moose, my Miniature Pinscher-Japanese Spitz mix doesn’t seem to be phased by the noise of a plastic bag so maybe this fear is breed specific ?

Whenever I fluff/shake a plastic bag Leila freaks out and runs like she was chased by a ghost or get’s scared like she’d just seen a ghost.  When I say plastic bag I don’t mean any plastic bag but those you’d get from grocery stores, walmart, etc. I keep a large wad of them to pick up their poop on walks and for trash but anytime I fluff a bag open it scares the jeebus outta Leila that she’d either bolt upstairs or hide.

I have found that there are several YouTube videos of dogs being scared of plastic bags. I wonder if the sound of the shaking plastic bag scares them or ??? All I now is sometimes when Leila is in a bad behavior mood and other means of correction don’t work the plastic bag always get’s her to behave. But I think it’s safe to say she’s grown out of her terrible 2s and is behaving alot better these days. No more wrecking the house or tearing up her newspapers.

I’m hoping that soon I will get her spayed and it will mellow her down a bit more. But she is a big dog and hope she don’t get any bigger or I’m gonna have to buy her a separate dog crate for her or just train her to sleep in our bedroom on a bed of her own.


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