Where’s the compassion behind the wheel ??


Hope you’re all having a good weekend. If you’re in Los Angeles like I am hope you’re staying warm this weekend cuz it’s was a cold one last night. My blah blah blog post today is about drivers on the road. I’m sure you noticed that drivers nowadays no longer have that compassion and common courtesy that once was. Where drivers opened up a space for you to enter into the lane from a driveway or where people patiently waited for pedestrians crossing the road or given you the right of way in a intersection. The old fashioned after you … Please, I insist you go first compassion is gone.

Now what you get is the finger, drivers who provoke road rage, and no longer obeying traffic rules. Drivers are always speeding above speed limits too. Always seem like they’re in a rush to get somewhere. I’ve posted about this several times in why drivers nowadays all seem like they’re in a rush. No one cares if the speed limit is 70 mph and driving at speeds of 80-90 mph. Then they get pissed off at anyone who obeys the speed limit and is going at or just below speed limit.

I understand that the DMV handbook does say to drive at the flow of traffic but it also does say to follow  posted speed limits at the same time. It doesn’t say if the flow of traffic is going 100+ then you should too. No one cares about posted speed limits or traffic rules anymore and they especially no longer have compassion/common courtesy for pedestrians or bicyclists. Also most drivers seem to be driving blind now. They don’t carefully look before they make turns, back out of a parking space, or cross and intersection.

On November 6, 2012 my husband was hit by a car while riding his bicycle to work. With California gas prices constantly sky-rocketing many people have turned to alternative modes of transportation and biking seems to be the most popular choice. So with more bicyclists hitting the streets you have to raise your level of compassion and common courtesy to bicyclists on the streets as well.

They may not be able to travel at the same rate of speed as vehicle traffic or have enough room but they aren’t invisible. Do not assume that they are invisible and not there. Bcuz a bicyclist, pedestrian, even motorcyclist are not fully protected as a person driving in a car. Would you be able to live with the fact that you killed or permanently injured a person bcuz you didn’t clearly look before making that turn or crossing the intersection or weren’t in the tolerant state of mind to pass around a bicyclist but rather just run them off the road.

I don’t feel that a person is human if they are able to live with themselves knowing that they took a life or permanently altered ones life. That bicyclist, pedestrian, motorcyclist has a family just like you do. They have a Husband/Wife, Children, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, etc. all of which has to either live without them or live caring for their disabilities bcuz you didn’t care to look thoroughly before making that turn or crossing that intersection or you didn’t have the compassion/patience to wait for this bicyclist to clearly pass or to go around them.

Luckily my husband wasn’t badly injured when he was hit by a car. He got some bad scrapes, bruises, 5% Pneumothorax *Air outside the lungs* and a sprained neck/shoulder muscle but if this lady were to have been speeding things could have been alot worse. She was only looking to her right and not looking both left and right before she made her right turn. She could of collided with another vehicle bcuz she was only looking in one direction. But instead of a vehicle she hit my husband who was already half way across the intersection when she made the turn.

All I ask is that you drive with compassion. That person next to you whether another driver in a vehicle, pedestrian walking the street, a bicyclist sharing the road, or a motorcycle/scooter rider they are human beings that also deserve and entitled to be respected. They have loved ones waiting for them at home just like you do.

So when your driving on the roads this weekend and any other day please slow down, obey the traffic rules, have a heart of compassion, and don’t be an asshole on wheels. Put down your cell phone bcuz that call can wait that text can wait. It’s all about common sense !! What our world needs right now is for us to care and respect for one another. Please, be safe and careful bcuz without it your vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon.


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