Christmas 2012 (T ^ T)


Well, the final months of 2012 have been very painful for me and things continue to get more and more painful each day. Who knew that losing your only source of income would hurt so much. I struggle each month to get my debts paid and my husband having debts of his own doesn’t really have much money to spare in my direction either. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened ? Did I lose my job ? Was I laid-off ? Did the employer shut down ? No, my main source of income was SSI *Supplemental Security Income* or as some call it Disability income. I was receiving a pretty nice amount that gave me plenty to pay my debts and still enough left for personal necessities.

But after getting married the Social Security revoked my SSI income stating my husband makes over the income limit and our resources also go over the limit. What angers me is his income is actually below their limit and our resources are being miscounted. I understand that the Government is also in a deficit so any chance they can get to save a few bucks they’ll take. But is ruining ones Life worth that ? Things is just so difficult right now financially for me. I’m too ashamed to ask for financial help from my family and besides I know they have their own financial struggles to deal with as well.

I just hope that the 2013 year will be better and I’m hanging on to the hopes that there is a silver lining to this financial cloud. It may not happen in an instant but I sure hope that things will perk up and I will see a better view in the horizon. Even though my heart is aching and my soul is darkened by my financial troubles I still try to keep a positive attitude. I try not to let this ruin my Christmas or my upcoming holidays.

But Father I pray … please, help me and tell me what to do to make things right. I need you more than ever ! *sigh* (-__-,) I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and try not to focus on the material things of Christmas and focus on the people you’ll be surrounded by and the blessings that was bestowed upon you in the 2012 year. Here’s wishing you a 2013 New Year that is joyous, healthy, prosperous, and that God continues to bless you throughout the 2013 year and always. From our family to yours … Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

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