Gun Ban .vs. Gun Control


Let me first say that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and what is written herein is just my opinion about the subject. Do not comment with negativity, derogatory remarks, or show disrespect on my Blog. This is just my opinion and if you don’t like it then don’t read my blog.

So with that being said let me chime in my thoughts regarding this whole gun control issue that’s been a hot topic lately. I have nothing against the ownership or right to bear arms as the Amendment allows. I wouldn’t go as far as to ban guns but I believe that there needs to be a review/renewal of the Gun Control laws and possibly make them a little stricter. I believe that guns should not just be available to anyone who’s got the cash for it but I believe that gun sales should come with a Background Check, Criminal Background check, and a Stress/Mental Stability test. Guns should only be in the hands of responsible gun owners who are mentally stable and never going to point it at any living being unless it’s truly in self-defense.

I give credit to those gun shops that do background checks and don’t just sell to the man with the wad of cash. Bcuz you never know if the person who purchase the gun isn’t just gonna snap one day and shoot a innocent person for cutting them off on the highway or as often times shoot their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse bcuz the relationship had ended. Many of the tragic incidents that recently occurred like Sandy Hook, the Movie Theater massacre, etc. were by what I believe were mentally unstable people. People who were most likely victims of bullying, neglect, abuse of one or multiple degrees, and they just had enough that they mentally just blew a fuse.

Banning guns isn’t going to solve the problem as many people state it’s not the gun that kills people but the person behind the trigger that does. I believe that if the sales of guns were more stricter only those willing to take the extra steps to obtaining that gun, know they have a clean background, and pass the Stress/Mental Stability test should be issued a gun. Now I know that maybe the day they took the Stress/Mental Stability test they were cool as a cucumber and Life get’s to a brink of insanity if the buttons are pushed right but if the Stress/Mental Stability test was created to simulate ALL scenarios that might push you to the brink then both the gun owner and the gun seller would know in who’s best interest it is to sell the gun to.

But to me I think Guns are never the answer and even if you purchasing one to protect your family I still feel guns are unnecessary. There are other ways to protect your family than the use of a gun. God is one example but I won’t go preaching to the choir about God for those who don’t believe in him and those who are of a different religion. Guns should be the last resort tool in defense.

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