Language Exchange ?


Hello and Happy Friday everyone !! I know I haven’t been active much on my Blah Blah Blog but I’m still here and alive. So today I thought I’d talk about language exchange. The world isn’t so vibrant without the many different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and languages. I have so many friends all over the globe and sometimes it’s fun to learn their native language as some may not speak English so it can be difficult to have a conversation with them unless either they learn English or you learn their language. But sometimes learning a *NEW* language just for fun is well … FUN too !

My parents are both from Japan and so I can fluently speak Japanese. My husband is from the Philippines so I have learned a little bit of Tagalog to speak to some of his family members who don’t speak English very well. I would like to learn more Tagalog so if and when I ever visit my extended family in the Philippines I can speak to them fluently. Which is another reason why I decided to blog about this topic. I thought it would be fun if we did a language exchange. Do you speak a language and wanting to learn English or Japanese ? I can teach you and in return you can teach me your native language. =) I am up to learn any language bcuz learning a new language is fun and expands your knowledge of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

So if you’d like to learn Japanese comment below and we can do a language exchange. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ! Stay safe and if you’re in California stay Dry as it’s suppose to be a rainy weekend. =(


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