Ending of Marital Vows … (-_-,) The Ow in Vow !

Divorce in dictionary

Happy Monday everyone ! Well, I don’t know how happy you’re gonna feel after reading this blog post but it’s just something that is very sad to me. As the picture shows my blog entry today is about … Divorce. It’s sad to hear and see dear friends marriage struggle and end in divorce. Even sadder when there’s children involved and the innocent hearts of children have to learn to adjust with Mommy or Daddy no longer being a part of their daily lives. How their minds struggle to understand why Mom and Dad are living in separate houses and why Daddy is going away. I can’t exactly say I have a perfect marriage as I’m still technically a newly wed only having been married for a year. But I am very well experienced relationship wise as my husband and I prior to marriage were together for over 13+ yrs.

I have to tell you that the top Three(3) things that keeps a relationship strong is COMMUNICATION, PATIENCE, and FORGIVENESS or UNDERSTANDING. A relationship/marriage often falls apart because there’s no communication between each other and no forgiveness. People often hold onto grudges and don’t forgive easily. But mostly you need a high level of understanding. If your wife/husband didn’t wash the dishes don’t immediately burst into flames and call him/her a lazy bastard or lash out at them for not doing the dishes. Maybe they weren’t feeling well, maybe they had a hard day at work or going through something emotionally …. Don’t ruin your relationship/marriage over small trivial things like the dishes never being washed, clothes not being put into the hamper, living room always a mess, etc.

Instead of bottling up your emotions and venting out to friends about how your Lazy wife/husband didn’t do the dishes, laundry, or left the living room a mess. Communicate ! Tell them how it’s bother you and work together even. My husband and I we wash the dishes together. I wash, he rinses, and while we’re washing and rinsing we talk about stuff like our opinions regarding a topic on the news, a interesting story we read online, or just randomly reminiscing about past memories. Things like that helps build and strengthen the bond between two people. Things never have to be done alone. Laundry can be done together as well. We do our laundry at a laundrymat and we always have fun. He sorts the clothes and places them into the washing machines while I pop in the detergent and layout the coins ready to be popped into the machine. Folding is the most fun because we’d have sock wars where we toss warm socks back and forth as we’re folding clothes. Sometimes we’d both grab the same item of clothing from the basket and do a tug-a-war thing.

You need a cheerful/playful spirit to make your relationship/marriage always fun and never dull and boring. You also need to remember that you are human. You make mistakes and you aren’t perfect ! There will be moments that he pushes your buttons … There will be times where she pushes you to your limits but when those times arise you spend a few moments away from each other to cool down. Then when you’re cooled off you should sit down and talk about it. You’ll sometimes find how silly you both were or how stupid it was to be fighting over such small thing. It’s all how your attitude is about everything. I know that sometimes even with a positive attitude, communication, etc. things just can’t work out but before you jump into divorce court think thoroughly and if there’s children think about them most. If you can tolerate each other try to just live together and not divorce til your children are older like 18 and not going to be so dramatically affected by divorcing parents.

Marriage and Marital vows are so sacred and it’s hard to see them fall apart and often times they do for the stupidest reasons. I sometimes wish I could give a piece of my heart to everyone in the world. So they can see the world through my heart and eyes. If it were possible to live in another person’s shoes you’d understand why I have such high tolerance, patience, and a different range of understanding towards others.

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