Rewards cards are not very rewarding !! (T_T)


Happy Friday, Everyone !! It’s been awhile since I last posted something on my blah blah Blog or when on a Psycho Babble. So today I wanted to babble about rewards cards. We all got them in our wallets and there’s a rewards card from practically every retail store out there. It’s great that they offer to reward you for being a loyal customer and that you’re able to redeem these points towards a reward like a gift card to their store or 20% off your next purchase or whatever. But my #1 gripe with rewards cards is … YOUR REWARDS POINTS EXPIRE !! Yes, you read correctly your rewards points of which you earned and spent your hard earned dollars to get EXPIRE.

I noticed this when I was looking over an old SEARS receipt and it says I had accumulated 8.500 something in rewards points but 3,000 of it was set to expire in a few days. I honestly felt cheated bcuz I earned those points … I should be entitled to keep my points without them expiring. So the trick with these rewards cards is you have to keep coming back to keep your points and if you don’t visit this store like every single day or once or twice a week … YOU LOSE YOUR POINTS !

Some stores tell you that your points reset after such and such date. Wait ! Reset ? You mean the 15,000 something points I earned which is like 20,000 points away from your 1st rewards prize resets back to zer0 ? I honestly think your rewards points earned should never expire ! I have a Yogurtland card where I completed their points card for free yogurt but totally forgot about the card. I took it to a Yogurtland thinking it’s still valid but was told … Oh ! I’m Sorry but this card expired. You have to redeem the card within like a month. But why ? Why must it have a expiration date ? I worked hard to earn this so I should be able to redeem it any time !

But sadly we waste so many hard earned rewards points each day bcuz we don’t visit alot of these stores on an everyday basis. So my tip to you is unless you do go to that store everyday then don’t bother applying for a rewards card. Your earned points will just be wasted. I also heard rumors that rewards cards are just retail stores way of seeing what people buy the most and usually the rewards are centered around that product that is purchased the most. I kinda find some truth to that as if I go to RiteAid or CVS I tend to find coupons for cold medications, deodorant, makeup, and household items attached to my receipts.


3 thoughts on “Rewards cards are not very rewarding !! (T_T)

  1. Tanks says:

    Some people just have the cards for fun. Not every store or restaurants rewards points expire. But some do expire at some point. . . Lol . . . It’s the way stores and restaurants keep you coming back and spending money. Just saying 🙂

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      True, You’re close though ! I believe it’s not for stores and restaurants to keep you coming back but it’s also to track what you buy and restock/stock items that people tend to be buying most and of course offering members prices/sales to come spend so you may also be right. ;D Thank you for reading my blog and hope you’ll stick around.

  2. Christiane says:

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