+ Signs of the Rapture ? +


This post is purely Psycho Babble and if you don’t like it then don’t read it. It’s my Blog and it’s titled Psycho Babble’s blog so I can psychotically babble all I want. So for those of you who don’t know what Psycho Babble means here’s the definition of it …

psy•cho•bab•ble (ˈsaɪ koʊˌbæb əl)


writing or talk using jargon from psychiatry or psychotherapy without particular accuracy or relevance.

Anyways today’s blog topic is about the signs that the rapture is upon us. Many Christians will tell you that God has said he will return to Earth and the Rapture/Judgement shall begin. Well, if you’ve followed the weather reports you will know about the mid-US states being buried by endless snow when it should be 70 degree Spring weather there. Other states are being hit by hurricane force winds and rain. While countries are being hit by Earthquakes such as the recent Guatemala/Puerto Rico quakes. Some believe Mother Nature/Mother Earth is just getting old.

I believe that it’s signs of a rapture/judgement day is getting close. With the Bible series unveiled on the History channel I believe that the Bible series is an attempt by God to change all the non-believers and to have us all repent our sins before it’s too late. He is bringing suffering to his people with economic downfall causing inflation in everything making it difficult to have money in our pockets as it’s costing us more to go by everyday life than prior years. Gas is so expensive and prices are rising in grocery stores. Times are changing and I believe change is coming. These relentless snow storms, earthquakes, and such are all tests to see who will drop to their knees and pray. How many of you will drop to your knees and pray ? How many of you will fight with your fellow man over the last rations available in the corner market ?

It was interesting watching the news reports about these snow battered states and how many of the adults complain about the snow and where the F is Spring ? Where’s the 70 degree tempts ? We had plans to go camping but not in this snow ? It’s too F*en cold. I want this snow to go away. Blah blah blah … and yet, children are happily playing in the snow, taking their sleds out for a ride, having snowball fights, making ice sculptures, etc. Not a complaint in the world ! They’re at peace with the weather and seem so happy. Whilst the adults are all miserable and grumpy over the weather.
There needs to be change ! Change in our attitudes, Change in the way we think, Change in the way we look at things, Change in the way we treat others, just change in the ways of the Human beings. There’s been so many reports about animals learning to coexist with each other in a peaceful manner. The other day I saw a video of a cat walking a dog, a dog nursing a bunch of stray kittens, a tiger mothering a litter of piglets, a Mouse who’s best friend is a cat, a Lion friends with a dog, etc. These are generally animals you don’t see together. But they are now coexisting in peace. God has taken care of the animal world and taught them to love and live in peace.
God is now working on us humans but he’s gonna have to roll up his sleeves and brew up a large pot of heavenly coffee bcuz humans aren’t going to change so easily. Today we’re currently working on the change for equality and I believe it is coming along. People are starting to change their ways of thinking and hopefully God work will remain and we like the animal can learn to Love and coexist in peace. But I believe that the unexplained weather in the mid-US, Earthquakes, and other unexplained global phenomena are signs of a rapture/judgement is soon to come. The Bible series on the History channel is a attempt to wake up people to change their lives and repent from their sins so that they may enter the holy kingdom come the judgement day.
Let us take these unexplained weather and global phenomena as a sign … sign of change and awareness ! Mother Earth may not be able to sustain life forever and nobody knows when she’ll start failing and crumble apart. So we must do whatever we can to keep our home planet alive and well. But first we have to start from within and clear our eyes so that we can look at the world more clearly and from a different view than before. We must vanish all negativity and learn to live in Love, coexist in Peace, and change what needs to be.

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