Welcoming Rains !


Hello, everyone ! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I celebrated my Birthday yesterday and I’m glad it did not rain on my Birthday BBQ. It started to lightly drizzle right after the party was over. Thank you Mother Nature for not raining on my BBQ. But today is a completely different story ! Heavy rain started a few hours ago and it’s been a steady down pour since. Weather reports it’ll linger on til tomorrow.

But to me rain is a welcoming thing. If you live in California you’re well aware of the early Fire season blazes like the Spring fire and other fires. The worst having burnt over 6,000 acres !! The top two(2) fires weren’t even 100% contained but I am sure due to these heavy down pours they are now fully contained … thanks to Mother Nature.

In my opinion these fires are just God’s way of gardening. What’s burnt down to ashes will fertilize the soil bringing nutrients that it probably was lacking of. And whenever there’s a fire the smoke plumes bellowing up into the atmosphere will bring on rain clouds which the rain will water the newly fertilized soil waking up dormant seeds and evoking new growth and life. Once the rain clears and the sunshine returns in the Spring the once charred burn areas will once again be thriving with young sprouts and be lush green once more.

Many were in fear of these fires and felt helpless for the people in the line of the fire and thankful for the firefighters who were out there to save their homes or loved ones homes not to mention lives. But to me it’s just another part of the circle of life happening. What’s old is burnt down to make way for the new. Kinda like how everyday someone dies but at the same time someone is born into the world and usually the number of new life is higher than the number of those who’s moved on to the other world/life. It’s an endless circle to renew and revitalize life whether human or plant life.


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