Winning the Powerball … Chances are slim. (-_-)


Happy Monday everyone ! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day. I know I did. Anyways today’s Psycho Babble is about the Power Ball Lottery. Power Ball just recently came to California and it’s current jackpot is at a whopping $350 million !! What person wouldn’t wanna win that $350 million ? (T_T) Sadly, I’m sure even millionaires who already have millions are wishing to win that $350 mill to add to their already wealthy lifestyles. We all can dream of what we’d spend that $350 million on and most of us probably dream of splurging like buying a Lamborghini, Ferrari, that Dream home in a secluded island all to yourself, etc.

For me I think I’d buy my Dream home, build my Gaming Lounge, and a Crafting studio first. My splurge wouldn’t be as fancy as you’d expect it to be. Rather than a Lamborghini or Ferrari I’d just buy a Top of the Line KIA Soul with all the options and accessories. But if I were to splurge on a expensive car maybe the Tesla Roadster. ;P But to be honest with you I don’t really play the Lottery bcuz I think it’s a bunch of kahooey ! When I was a kid I watched an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy on Probability and that episode alone opened my eyes to things like the lottery. The episode makes complete sense in your chances of winning the lottery.

For those of you who don’t know Bill Nye the Science Guy or missed that episode … Here’s a link to it from YouTube

The part that resonates with me the most is when Bill Nye the Science Guy fills an entire swimming pool with ping pong balls and one red ping pong ball. He then grabs a handful out of the ping pong ball pool and estimates that in his hand is about a $5 lotto ticket and then continues to scoop out handfuls of ping pong balls and all of them being white ping pong balls. It wasn’t til his last scoop that he got that one red ping pong ball. He estimated that he had spent over several millions of dollars just to win that 1 million jackpot. So your chances of winning would end up you spending billions of dollars each week trying to win that couple millions. It seems probable as the Power Ball ticket is $2 and with the jackpot being at $350 million I am well sure people are spending $100 on tickets or even more hoping to win it.

(=_=) To me that $100 that could of been spent on other things like a nice dinner with the family, some new clothes, a small road trip to a city you’ve never been to, etc. But it’s your money and if you wanna give it away with most likely zer0 chances of it coming back that’s your decision. To me the Power Ball or any Lottery for that matter is empty promises of financial freedom. You’ll be in more debt trying to win the lottery than you would if you just worked hard to pay your debts off with hard earned money. Watch the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode and it might change your mind on Lottery plays as well. But either way … Good Luck to you !!

Oh and don’t pray to God that you win the lotto. God does not endorse gambling and is against it so praying to him will just make him shake his head at you and delete your prayer from his inbox.


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