Where are all the disabled people ?


Been a few days since I last wrote in my blog. But today I wanted to blog about disabled people. I am disabled and have been all my Life. I started using a wheelchair in my late 20s as walking became more and more difficult. But being in a wheelchair never stopped me from enjoying my Life. Which is one of the reasons why I write this blog today. The title says “Where are all the disabled people” ? And it’s true where are the disabled people ?

I know not every disability is physical or wheelchair required and that there are people who look perfectly normal whom are in fact disabled. Alot of times you see disabled parking spaces filled up and most of them are elderly but some look like they aren’t disabled at all. But with Summer coming up and places like Raging waters, Soak City, Wild Rivers, etc. open up for the Summer season it makes me wonder where are the disabled people ?

Last time I went to Raging waters I was the only person in a wheelchair there. Went to the local community pool and I was the only one in a wheelchair. Of course I am able to get out of my wheelchair I’m not swimming with my wheelchair in the pool. But why aren’t there other wheelchair bound people swimming ? Why am I the only wheelchair disabled person at Raging waters or Disneyland or other Amusement parks ? You might see children in a wheelchair or an elderly person using a wheelchair but where are the disabled people at ?

Being more active does make me see that not alot of places seem to expect to have disabled guests. For example … Raging waters does not have elevators/lifts to reach the entrance to alot of their water slides so if you’re unable to climb a large flight of stairs you’re limited to the kiddy pools, lazy river, or tidal pool. For the price you’re better off going to a community pool @ the YMCA or local park instead. Most places do keep disabled people in mind and have accessible ramps, elevators, and lifts but I have been to some places such as the El Monte Edwards 8 movie theater that does not have elevators or lifts to reach the 2nd floor where the main restrooms are located.

It just makes me wonder if disabled people just don’t get out as much to go to placed like Raging waters and limit themselves bcuz of their disability or do they go to special places that cater to the disabled that I don’t know about ? It’s strange why there doesn’t seem to be alot of disabled wheelchair people going to places that my Husband and I go. We stay very active and my husband does things like Jog @ Griffith park and I roll myself besides him or he rolls me but again I’m the only one in a wheelchair doing an activity like this.

Where are all the disabled people at ??

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