Do Animals know their own Birthday ?


My Dog Leila which I blogged about before just turned 1 yrs. old on May 31st. I celebrated by giving her and Moose my 7 yr. old dog who’s Birthday was May 1st a ½ can each of canned dog food. Leila was gracious enough to let me put a Birthday hat on her for a photo shot and even stuck her tongue out at me. (n_n) Such a cutie !! But it made me wonder do animals know their own Birthday ? Did Leila know it was her Birthday or just a interesting day where she got some yummy food that only happens on rare occasions ? I think Moose my 7 yr. old did seem to know it was his Birthday bcuz when I greeted him and said … Who’s the Birthday boy ? Happy Birthday !! He got more excited than he usually does. I also celebrated his Birthday with a can of canned dog food.

But for Leila she got a special gift on her Birthday courtesy of Benefuls dog food. ;D When I bought dog food for both Moose and Leila in Leila’s bag of Dog food was a *FREE* rubber treat ball. She loved that ball now and I always stuff biscuits into the slots on the ball and let her figure out how to get them out. She had a good 1st Birthday in my opinion. Even though she is a mischievous dog and often times than not get’s herself into trouble I love her none the less. *Raises a glass* Here’s to you Leila … May we spend many more wonderful years together just like I have with Moose.

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