Tateo Takahashi : My Dad – A Father’s Day Memorial Post

Above is a Picture of my Dad … Tateo Takahashi. A very talented musician and a beloved Father/Husband. With Father’s Day coming this Sunday I felt the need to write a blog remembering the great person and wonderful Father my Dad was. He sadly died in August 2006 from Liver Cancer and even though it’s been almost 7 yrs. since his passing the pain and hurt of his loss is still unhealed. Life wasn’t always easy for my Dad. Both him and my Mom worked hard to raise three(3) children especially since one was a disabled and a special needs child *Me*. Both my Mother and Father are from Japan so learning the ways and culture of America was a learning experience.

But my Dad was a musician who never strayed too far from his Japanese roots. He played the Shamisen … A Japanese version of a Banjo in a way. He was very talented and was known as the Best Tsugaru Shamisen player in California. He taught his skills to student eager to learn and be great like him. My Dad has traveled to many parts of the world performing his music to an audience. He’s gone from Arizona to Alaska and of course performed in his home country of Japan. I admired my Dad in many many ways ! I always thought of myself as his little Angel and had the closest bond with him.

Born in Akita, Japan in January 1944 … I would of Loved to have the chance to hear his Life stories and the struggles and successes he’s been through. But I know I will get that chance again when we reunite in Heaven’s Holy Kingdom. I sure do miss you, Daddy ! I wish you were still hear with me but I know in my heart that you’re never too far away and always watching down upon me. I Love you and wish you a very Happy Father’s Day !

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