Does the Super Moon affect your Mood ??


I am sure we are all excited for the Super Moon that is to peak on Sunday which is tomorrow. I know I will be hoping to head out to a good viewing spot to snap photos of the Super moon. I’ll post them here to share with you all. But the Super Moon brings up a curiosity in me about moods. For those of you who are into Astrology you know your astrological forecast/horoscope is based off the Moons orbit/phases and the astrological positions of the planets.

I have often read that a full moon can effect our moods either in positive or negative ways. The same goes for the sun kinda like how you’re really tired and just wanna sleep all day on a gloomy day where the sun isn’t shining or how your temper is short on really hot days. Well, to me the moon depicts calm and romance. I often get romantic thoughts when I see a full moon shining brightly up in the night sky. When I look up at that moon my heart fills with Love and memories of those who are looking down at me from Heaven’s moon.

But there have been previous reports and studies about the Moon affecting us in way you wouldn’t think. I believe this Super Moon has something a negative vibe. Last night my husband had a fight with his brother over the phone. It was a rare site to see and hear my husband so angry and shouting over the phone. Later that night we went to a store and a family were arguing over pancake mix while in another aisle a Mother was arguing with her son who was requesting for a bag of chips and candy.

I felt lots of negative vibes coming off people. It could be just one of those days where people were having a bad day or a normal argument/disagreement. But it made me wonder if this Super Moon was affecting people’s mood. Studies have shown that a full moon can effect people’s moon sometimes negatively. There was a study done back in the 1970s where a town in Florida found murder rates rose during a period of the full Moon.

It’s interesting to wonder and study if the Moon or a Full Moon affects us psychologically and whether or not our bout of random anger, short temper, or abnormal behavior during the phases of the Moon is really caused by the Moon or just everyday behavior and attitudes. Either way I know that I’m gonna try to have a romantic evening with my husband cuddling under the Super Moon and enjoying this special moment of 2013. I hope you’ll enjoy the Super Moon on Sunday and hope the Super Moon isn’t affecting you in any negative ways.


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