Super Moon Hype … Moons Eternally Beautiful !


So did you get the chance to see the Super Moon last night ? I was so bummed out and disappointed that I didn’t get to see it due to a heavy cloud cover and real sad to have missed it. But a friend of a friend reminded me that it’s all just hype and the Moons beautiful everyday no matter if it’s Crescent, Quarter, Half, Full, or Super ! I got so caught up in TV news reports about it being the last Super Moon of 2013 and not being able to see another til 2014 that I was completely blindsided by the fact that the Moon is beautiful on any clear night not just Super Moon June 23rd.

I went outside tonight and saw the Moon shining brightly out in the sky. It wasn’t a Super Moon but still quite large and it had a reddish orange hue. I read online that June is known as Strawberry Moon month as the Moon tends to have a reddish hue to it. I did take some photos of this Strawberry Moon that was out tonight but I was truly reminded that the Moon is very beautiful all on it’s own everyday and completely forgotten how magnificent and beautiful it really is.

So for those of you who were disappointed or missed seeing the Super Moon you didn’t miss much bcuz it’ll be back again next year but the Moon is always around every night in all it’s glory so be mesmerized by it’s eternal beauty 365 days a year rather than just on one day. Kinda reminds you to not forget the simple things in Life while being influenced by the non-important things and hype that is fed to you everyday by the Media.

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