Pathway to a Successful marriage …


I haven’t been married long enough to really say what’s needed for successful marriage. I got married in September of 2011 so I’ve only been married 2 yrs. Some even still call us newly weds but before marriage we have been together for over 13+ yrs. I honestly feel like we’ve been married long before it just wasn’t til September 2011 that we made it legally official.

We’ve had our set of UPs and DOWNs but through the 13+ yrs. of our relationship and the 2+ yrs. of being married I’ve learned there are somethings that need to be considered before getting married and/or during marriage. One of them is income/money. Now money isn’t really the most important thing to a relationship but I’m disabled and unable to work bcuz of my disability. Also I have blogged in previous posts that I lost my Disability “SSI” income after getting married.

My husband and I have often fought over finances. Sometimes I wonder why did we even get married in the first place. So I share with you from my experience one of things to a successful marriage is that both you and the husband/wife should have a job or at least one of you need to have a job that pays enough to support the both of you bcuz if there’s only one spouse working and not making enough money to cover everything that is required in everyday Life it puts a strain on your marriage.

Another thing to a successful marriage is forgiveness and patience. Oh Lord the many times I have had to just bite my tongue and accept certain circumstances in our relationship/marriage. So many broken promises … So many disappointments. I can tell you there have been times I just wanted to throw up my hands and give it up but if you can easily forgive and just accept what you have been given by the Lord then you will survive.

Don’t focus of the little things that can tear a marriage apart. Just accept that somethings are what they are and just deal with it. I often wish my Life was better but then I think there are people in this world who have it alot worse and that puts things into a different perspective to just put up with the Life I am now living.

Just be happy and content no matter what the circumstances are in your Life/Marriage. Part of the vows is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer … til death do us part. So that part in itself is telling you to just be happy, content, accepting, and always Love each other. Things aren’t always going to be perfect but the path you choose make all the difference in whether you’ll have a successful marriage or a rocky one or one that cannot be revived.



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