Ban these Killer Food Ingredients … (X~x)


I am sure everyone is well aware of the harm GMOs “Monsanto” is and how many are trying to fight to get GMOs either banned or labeled on the products we consume. Well, I have two(2) others that I believe should be banned as well which is … Aspartame “phenylketonuric” and Monosodium Glutamate “MSG”.

MSG is in alot of Asian foods and alot of snacks. Most potato chip brands contain MSG. MSG really isn’t that bad as long as it’s consumed in small amounts. If you go nuts and eat and entire bag it can trigger migraine-like headaches. It’s pretty much a flavor enhancer so if you’re eating something that contains MSG it is most likely that the product was made using not so fresh ingredients that even ordinary salt couldn’t enhance the flavor. Being I see them in Potato chips my guess is maybe the potatoes they use were old or they’re trying to hide something with the MSG.

Through my experience when I consume MSG it gives me the worst migraine-like headaches ever. So bad that I have to resort to taking a Tylenol for relief. I am a strong believer in natural foods and believe MSG is another one of those not needed food products. If you use organic produce and the seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic powder, thyme, Oregano, etc. You wouldn’t need flavor enhancers like MSG.

Now with the Aspartame I have bad experience with. Aspartame to me is pretty much saccharin under another name. Saccharin was what used to be in Diet Cokes and Pepsi’s back in the day til it was banned. Wikipedia says Aspartame is a non-saccharide but I believe it’s just the same stuff. Just as poisonous to your body as well. What Aspartame is is an Artificial Sugar Substitute. Why do food companies have to resort to Artificial anything when it comes to foods people are going to consume ? My only guess is bcuz it’s cheaper.

Back in the day I used to be heavily addicted to Diet Coke and chewing gums. I was drinking Diet Coke just as much as I’m breathing in Oxygen and always had chewing gum in my bag. Never thinking about the long-term effects it’s doing to my body til it was too late. One day in 2002 I was talking with my then boyfriend when I went into a seizure. This was my first time having a seizure. I don’t have any family history of seizures, no head trauma to provoke seizures, and had no prior health issues to cause them. Doctors tested me via MRI, EKG, etc. All tests came back normal and they were unable to diagnose what caused me to go into a seizure.

The Doctor asked me questions like do I take any drugs, smoke, drink, etc. I told him I am a heavy Diet Coke addict. He nodded his head and said “There’s our poison bug”. He then explained that Diet sodas contain Aspartame which in the long run can cause Neurological damage. So in layman’s terms the Seizure was caused by the Aspartame consumption via my Diet soda and chewing gum addiction which Diet Coke and pretty much every Chewing gum brand has Aspartame. The doctor told me I now have Epilesy and was told that I am going to need to take anti-seizure medications probably for the rest of my Life.

If you’re consuming Aspartame products now … Please, do your body a favor and wean yourself off them and avoid them permanently before any further damage is done. With being put on a Life Sentence to my anti-seizure med I am not allowed to have children as the medication can harm a fetus and being without it can possible trigger a seizure which can also harm a fetus. It took me 2-3 yrs. to be cleared by the DMV to get my Drivers License which I still don’t have.

Since my first seizure in 2002 I have had several seizures there after. Some have landed me in a hospital bcuz I have lost consciousness and was found laying on the kitchen floor. So due to the possibilities of me accidentally banging my head either on the kitchen table or floor I was taken to a hospital just to be sure. If I could go back in time I would definitely quit my addiction to Aspartame products before it did any harm to me.

Oh and another thing I forgot to mention about seizures caused by Aspartame is the side-effects of the Seizure medication. It is rare but one of the side-effects to the Seizure medication I am taking … Tegretol “Carbamazepine” is weight gain. Before I ever had that 1st seizure in 2002 I was a petite 110lbs but after a few month being on the seizure medication within the say three(3) months I ballooned to 180lbs and getting back my 110lbs body just seems impossible.

Another side-effect is your vision but this is caused both by the seizures and the medication. Keep in mind that a seizure is pretty much say a thunderstorm of the brain. The electrical triggers are imbalanced and your brain is being zapped from every angle. Those zaps can affect things like memory, vision, speech, etc. For me memory and vision were affected. Certain childhood memories that I remembered very well are now vague and my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

Now with my vision back in 2002 I did wear glasses but I only needed them to see far distances and did not need to be wearing them 24-7. Now I am blind as a bat without my glasses and even during eye tests at the Optometrist she asks me to cover my right eye and read the chart … I am like I have no clue whether that’s a A or a V or a U or T. I usually break down into tears saying I can’t see any of those letters. It’s just a real bad blur to me. So now I’m also on a life sentence to glasses bcuz without them I cannot see a thing.

(=~=) Ok, I think I’ve rambled enough about Aspartame I still have to talk about GMO. Now I haven’t experienced anything bad with GMOs but I am pretty sure I have consumed GMO produce from my grocery store. I never knew what the heck GMO was til a vegetarian friend gave me some knowledge about it. After hearing her tell me about GMOs it opened my eyes to alot of the produce I buy in a grocery store. Like how Tomatoes are available year-round in a grocery store but in my Mom’s garden tomatoes are only available in certain seasons. Her tomatoes aren’t growing year-round … they stop after a certain month of the season like in June or July.

So GMOs are pretty much genetically modifying the DNA in a produce to grow bigger more perfect products and to produce more than they usually do. GMOs are also in meat and poultry as well. Chicken are injected with GMOs to produce more eggs than usual. A normal chicken probably lays about 3-4 eggs according to my husband who had chickens when he was child. But GMO chickens in one sitting probably lay 12-24+ eggs bcuz their DNA has been altered to lay more than they normally would. Now with cows GMOs are like Steroids they grow less fatty, more meaty, and lean.

All I can say is I’d like to avoid GMOs but not everyone can afford to buy organic produce. If you have a home you can easily convert a small patch of your yard into a garden to grow your own GMO-Free produce but what I’d truly like is for GMOs to be banned or labeled so I’d know to avoid it like the plague. Those are my three(3) food ingredient that I just wanted to ramble on about. So educate yourself where and what is in your food bcuz Life is too precious to poison it with GMOs, Aspartame, and junk.

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