***Warning : May Provoke Opposing Opinions***


Happy Friday everybody ! So today I’m gonna call today provoking Friday as this blog post as the title states may provoke opposing opinions. Now as that may be this is my Blog and in this Blog I write about whatever is on my mind at the time being. Also remember the name of this blog is Psycho Babble and as I’ve explained long before what Psycho Babble means if you find this post offending that is your opinion or as they say … To Each Their Own. So let me evoke the 1st Amendment of the Freedom of Speech and continue on with my blog post.

So with that being said I am sure many of you are aware of the Anthony Weiner scandals and his sexting, online relationships, and sending of lude photos while married to someone. I honestly don’t see it as that big of a deal ! Yes, I agree that Anthony Weiner might need to seek the same therapy that Tiger Woods got when his scandal of lust with a vast amount of women came forward and his admitting to having a sex addiction but my views on Online relationships really isn’t so negative.

I admit that I myself have had a few online relationships even while in a very committed relationship and since I’ve gotten married in September 2011 I have had two online relationships. To me online relationships are more for emotional satisfaction as it is physical or sexual satisfaction. Majority of the people I dated online lived on the other side of the US or sometimes the globe. We really had no plans to physically meet each other and the online relationship was in fact like I said emotional satisfaction to fulfill empty spots that your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is not satisfying.

I think if you’re married and having online relationships there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you aren’t meeting this person face to face or secretly planning to run off with that person. And some online relationships can grow on to the point where you really want to run away with this person. Well, if that’s the case my only true advice is to talk with your spouse/partner and explain to them the reasons you started online dating.

My advice is don’t just JUMP into running away with your online lover. There’s a mature and respectable way of doing it that will cause less harm to both of you. One of them is to sit down and talk … Explain the reasons you started online dating whether it’s emotional satisfaction or you just don’t have any feelings for your spouse anymore *Which I generally think is BULLSH!T ! Feelings don’t just disappear. At one point there certainly were there bcuz you married. Something is suppressing the feelings whether it’d be stress from work, financial stuff, family life, and just lack of Amor. The feelings are always still there just buried under a pile of Life*

Anyways the second thing is to try to relight the flame before making the final decision to run away with the newbie. Often times marriages crumble bcuz we forget the little things that make a marriage so wonderful. That display of compassion, appreciation, and Love. Try to spark up what was once a blazing inferno. Often times trying this step ends the online relationship and reignites the marriage.

Third, if all else fails and you still don’t have any feelings for your spouse/partner. Just explain to them that you prefer them to be happy and you to be happy. If we’re both miserable together then the best way is to let go and find what makes you happy. If being with this person you met online is your happiness then so be it.

But really I don’t see anything wrong with being in a Online relationship while in a relationship or marriage. Long as you don’t meet in person or do any physical contacts. Virtual and Emotional satisfaction is pretty much what most online relationships are about. Only the small amount of online relationships turn into something more where they end in divorce and the other person giving up everything for the online lover.

So that’s my opinion on Anthony Weiner’s online escapades. Long as he don’t meet these people in person and do anything outside the computer screen there’s nothing about it. As for the sexting and lude photos again they’re just visual satisfaction. You spouse/partner is the lucky one bcuz they get to see and touch the real thing rather than looking at a photo of it. Remember we all have the same body parts. What I have is what you have and there’s no BIG difference between them. A Boobs a Boob whether it’s mine or yours.  😛



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