Yet, again victim of the Media hype … (T~T)


The definition of Hype is : Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion – Exaggerated or extravagant claims made. The Media is definitely the king of Hype and I have yet again been foolishly victimized by their hype. When I say Media I am mainly referring to the News media. They created hype over this Perseid Meteor shower that as the definition states was exaggerated. They said hundred of meteors will shoot across the night sky and some will be so bright that you will be able to see the Perseids from anywhere in the world.

I have fond childhood memories of watching meteor showers with my Mom and would of Loved to see them again. I stayed up til 4am looking out my window and watching a live stream from NASA. Both showed nothing ! Not even a streak or slight hint of a Perseid. Also the fact that it was a bit hazy with cloud cover didn’t really help either.

Clouds are one of my old nemesis. When the Super Moon was out they Media again caused hype especially about how you won’t see another one til 2015. I love watching the stars at night and looking up at the full moon. I generally love and have a passion for astronomy just like I have a love and passion for animals and nature. So when I heard about this Super Moon I made sure I got glimpse of it and to take photos of it since my Canon sx30is is kinda like a telescope in a digital camera.

Sadly cloud cover hindered me from seeing this Super Moon and not having access to a high peak to see above the light pollution and cloud cover. A few friends gave me places to go but lack of funds to buy gas to get there and some being like 50 mile drive was just not worth doing just to see the Moon. I searched around my house that night hoping to see the Super Moon peaking through the cloud cover or that it’d mysteriously dissipate so it can be clearly shown. But I went to bed disappointed.

So the Media has got me once again with their hype over the Perseid Meteor shower. I stayed up til passed 4am hoping to see the 100s of streaks across the night sky as they reported there would be. Again I sadly went to bed disappointed. All I can say is when my husband and I are ready to buy a home I hope to buy one that’s away from cramped city’s light pollution and a little higher up on a hill so I can view the beauty of the night skyline without disturbance. (¬⌂¬) *Sigh* but of course my old nemesis the clouds will likely disturb a serene clear view of the night most often that not.


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