Has Pier Fishes Gone Extinct ? (‘ ~ ‘)


2011-01-20-No Fish

So my husband and I spent this weekend Pier fishing @ Redondo Beach. On Saturday we fished off the Horseshoe Pier by the Boardwalk and not even a nibble. A person next to us caught a baby Sting Ray and the person on the other side of me was fishing for clams and caught Conch snails and a squid but no one seems to be catching any fish.

So we fished for maybe an hour or two and headed home. My husband suggested coming back in a few hours around sunrise when the fish come ashore to feed. So at 7am we headed back to Redondo Beach but this time we went to the Sports Fishing Pier side where the Sport Fishing boat arrives and leaves.

One this side there were nibbles and a few strong nibbles but none of them hooked on. The bait we were using was baby wild shrimp like the small tiny ones you’d use in a shrimp salad or cocktail ? We stayed there for many hours and had nibbled but no bites. I did catch something though. My 1st catch of the day was a fish called a California Lizardfish.



It was a pretty small fish about the size of a Smelt or small sardine ? Cute but small and I have no idea if they were edible or even how to cook such a fish so I set the little guy back into the sea. It was about 3-4″ inches long. I was hoping to catch some Mackerel but it seems global climate changes, over fishing, pollution, and maybe fish just getting smarter have made Pier Fishing a empty bucket sport.

Days of going home with a bucket full of Mackerel fish seems like faded memories now as each time we come to Redondo Beach to do some pier fishing we leave empty fish bucket and exhausted from many hours of trying. Well, this time I left with an empty bucket and a sun burnt face. It was very cloudy with no sun so I dunno how I ended up getting sunburned. But my cheeks are tomato red and my nose is too.

But my question is … Where have all the fish gone ?? Someone needs to invent some type of underwater binocular or fish cam that you can drop into the water to assess if there are any fish to catch. It seem Pier Fishing is now just a hobby to relax, enjoy the beach air, and catch with friends but catching anything other than a tan or cold is pretty much it.


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