The Resilient Rose and the Neglected Cacti … Striving to Live !


Hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend has started off on a positive note. For those of your in California drink plenty of water and try to stay cool over your Labor Day weekend. (┬_┬”) *Phew has it been hot lately*

So my blah blah blog post for today would be about a miniature rose plant potted in my window sill. I bought this beautiful miniature red rose plant from the local .99¢ Only store. It was vibrant and full of Life with lots of pretty red roses and buds. But after about 2-3 days all the leaves fell off and the flowers and buds as well. =( I thought oh no it must of died.

But then I remembered my Mom as well as my Landlord would often chop their rose bushes down to a stump and it’d vibrantly come back to life again. I did notice that even though my plant was bald with no leaves or flowers. The stems were still green. So with hopes I trimmed down the dead stems, branches, removed dead leaves, and continued watering it daily as I do with my Mint and Basil plant which is the neighbors of this rose plant.

Soon after it sprout new set of leaves which I was happy to see. But what I didn’t expect is for it to bloom a bud. When I lifted up the blinds for their daily watering my facial expression was exactly … (♥D♥) *Squeeeee* OMG it grew a tiny little bud how cute !! I continued to water the rose bush happy to see that it’s back to life with alot of folliage and a tiny red rose that’s emerging day by day.

I was ready to throw out this plant when it lost all it’s leaves and the cute little red roses. But I am so glad that I decided to keep it and hope it’ll be the little flower that could and keep pressing on … which it did !! Kinda inspiring and reminds you to keep pressing on in your Life even when you just wanna give it all up.

(Θ⌂Θ”) I gotta admit there’s still alot I gotta learn about gardening. I’ve never gardened or planted anything in my Life. My Mom on the other hand is an amazing gardener. Every plant that fall into her care flourishes and grows healthy and vibrantly. As for me I’m starting to learn about gardening via my small windowsill garden which has a Mint plant, Two(2) Basil plants, a happy tiny cacti which I rescued off the sidewalk *Story on that below*, and my Mini Rose plant.

I hope that someday when my husband and I get a house of our own … I’ll be able to have an extensive garden where I can grow all my favorite flowers as well as edibles like Basil, Mint, Rosemary, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, etc. Not to mention fruits like Lemons, Apples, Pears, and Berries. It’s kinda nice, therapeutic, and rewarding to harvest something from a plant you cared for and put your time effort and love into.

CIMG0249Now the short story about how this cute little cacti came into my home. On the street I live a neighbor has planted a cactus bush by the sidewalk area. There’s about four(4) of these cactus bushes if I recall correctly. My husband and I just got back from running errands and we parked at the curbside where these cactus plants are planted. I saw a tiny branch of the cactus plant had broken off and was laying there on the sidewalk. I picked it up and placed it into a glass of water.

HAZAH ! It’s alive !! \(nDn)/ After about a day or two it immediately perked up and developed a lovely green color more vibrant than the pale green color it was when it was sitting on the sidewalk cut off from it’s mother plant. ='(Don’t worry little cacti ! I’m your Mommy know and I’ll take good care of you. (n_n)

After I saw it was feeling a little better. I put this cutie patootie cacti into a small pot. I had this cute tiny terracotta pot about the size of a small shot glass. I placed about two(2) to three(3) tablespoons of potting soil and plant the little guy in. He sits happily next to his neighbors … Mr. and Mrs. Mint, Sir Basil, and Rosa Rose. I am sure this little guy can probably sprout larger into a giant bush like the one by the sidewalk outside if I put him in a bigger container but I’m kinda happy with him being the happy tiny cacti who’s pricked my heart. *Well, not literally since it’s a prickly needle-less cactus species* But you get what I’m trying to say !!


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