A Few Bad Apples and the Whole Tree goes bad …


Hello, everyone ! I haven’t been very active on this blog lately and I apologize for that. I’ve been sidetracked with other things and projects. So today I heard some very sad news. Disneyland has now recalled their disabled guest riders policy. Where as before we were able to go through the exits and/or wait in a special disabled line to get on rides at Disneyland. The policy has now been changed where you have to take a slip up to the ride you wish to get on and they give you a come back time and you can only ride one ride at a time.

I have experienced this policy before at Knotts Berry Farm and they give you a slip at the guest office and the ride operator writes down a time to come back and get on the ride. While you are waiting for that ride time you cannot ride anything else. I spent my entire day at Knotts only to ride 3 rides bcuz the wait times were so long. I remember it was 3:30pm and I wanted to ride on the Pony Express but the come back time I was given was 5:30pm. I wandered around Knotts Berry Farm doing nothing for 2 whole hours bcuz you aren’t allowed to ride anything else while you wait for your ride time.

So if Disneyland was planning to banish all Disabled people from entering their parks they sure got what they planned for. It’s sad that a bunch of bad apples who took advantage of something that was tailored to the disabled guests had to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Most of the regular wait lines aren’t wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or powerchair to go through them so we can’t wait in regular lines with everyone else and so it’s pretty much left that disabled guests will no longer be able to fully enjoy their time at Disneyland except for walking around the amusement park not riding a single thing for their entire day bcuz I can imagine that the same situation that happened to me at Knotts will happen at Disneyland. You pick a ride and the come back time is 2-3 hr. wait and during that time you cannot ride or do anything else but walk around and wait.

I really do hope they reconsider and think of other ways to make verifying a person is legitimately disabled via Disabled Placard ID paper, Medical note, etc. or just find a way to regulate the abusers and not take this horrible come back later to ride policy. It’s bad enough that the admission price costs you an arm and a leg just to get in but now disabled guests won’t be able to enjoy the park and feel it was worth the admission price.

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