Only in Japan … Pepsi flavored Chips ?!? (oDO) Wuhhhh ….


Happy Monday everyone ! (-__-) Although I know Monday is the most hated day of the week so I don’t exactly know what’s so happy about it. But hopefully your week is starting off on a positive note. So I wanted to blog about an interesting find I bought yesterday during a trip to the Japanese market store. My Mom occasionally asks me to take her to this Japanese market called Marukai and I actually love going there bcuz not only can I find favorite Japanese foods that I grew up eating but I also find very interesting and rare snacks and products that you normally wouldn’t find in any other store.


I don’t recall if I blogged about it but there’s another Pepsi product I tried the last time I went to the Japanese store called Pepsi Black. It was quite interesting. I’m looking for a Sprite with Mint flavor next. I have tried a soda called Minta which is kinda like Sprite with Mint but the Mint flavor wasn’t strong enough for me. Guess the only way to make a really great Mint Soda is to buy a bottle of Mint extract and add it to Sprite or Sparkling water.

Anyways I’m straying away from the main topic here which is the Pepsi flavored chips. Yes, these are Pepsi flavored chips and upon first taste they do taste like Pepsi and even has some type of tingling powder or something to depict the fizzy carbonation of the Pepsi soda. It’s not something I could get addicted to but definitely is something that is worth a try and very unique. I wish I could take a trip with my Mom to Japan before she *God Forbid* passes on so I can meet my relatives again and enjoy all the unique and awesome things in Japan that they don’t have here in the US. But visiting Japan is one of the things on my bucket list. I haven’t been there since I was 13-14 yrs. old.



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