What’s up with Return Policies …


Hello … Happy Monday ! There’s officially 42 days left til’ Christmas and as we shop we are all bound to end up in the return line. My husband recently returned an item and the customer service worker asked if we opened the item bcuz they cannot take returns if the item has been opened. We told him the box was opened and that everything was inside. He then flagged a manager who said I’ll accept it this time but can only give you store credit. Next time don’t open the box cuz our policy states no return if the box has been opened.

(- ~ -) Do stores expect us to be like Houdini and able to mysteriously access the product without opening the packaging ? How are we suppose to know if a product works, fits, or is what we thought it was if we don’t open the packaging ?? I know alot of return policies state that the item has to be unopened, unused, and in the original state of purchase. Seriously ?? Am I suppose to purchase an item only to enjoy the packaging and if I don’t like the colors or graphics I can return it but once opened I am permanently linked to the product whether I don’t like it or not ?

Most store return policies are like this too. Clothing stores can only accept returns if you haven’t worn the clothes. How would we know if it fits and we need to return it if we can’t wear it other than in a store fitting room. We all know fitting rooms have flattering mirrors that make what you’re trying on look so good on you but when you take it home and view it in your own home mirror it looks hideous and not what it looked like in the store.

My only suggestion to get your item refunded/exchanged is fib. When they ask did you open it ? Say … No, I did not. I brought it home and realized I really don’t need it. For clothes … when asked did you wear it ? Say … No, I bought it and left it on the hanger. Found it doesn’t match any of my other clothes. There’s no Customer Service FBI who’s going to search if the item has been used,  worn, or opened. They’ll just take your word for it.

But seriously what is up with return policies thinking we’re mysterious entities who can remove products without opening packaging and buy clothes and not wearing them. (u_u) Yes, I buy clothes just to stare at them and make my closet look fuller but I never wear any of the items and everything in my house is still in it’s packaging so I don’t void the return policies. My TV ? Oh I just stare at the box. If I open it I can’t return it ! 😛 L0L Such craziness !!


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