Black Friday … To Shop or Not to Shop ? (T ~ T)

Well, it’s that time of year again … Black Friday ! We’re all stuffed from our Thanksgiving meals and now ready to empty our wallets, max our Credit Cards, and shop like hoarders for things we don’t need but want cuz it’s on SALE. My husband and I have been dealing with financial struggles since we got married so we don’t exactly have money to throwing around during Black Friday or even Cyber Monday.

I wouldn’t say not having money makes you a better person but it definitely does humble you and makes you more aware of the better things in Life than getting that iPad for 40% off or grabbing that 52″ TV for under $900. It makes you grateful for the things you do have and not go zombie apocalypse style in a Walmart to get that TV or whatever hurting others in the process by trampling them, shoving them, and stealing items outta other peoples carts.

People on Black Fridays and Christmas season in general act like it’s the end of the world ! Oh that lady grabbed the last Barbie on Ice barbie. She’s not looking grab it from her cart. Really ? You’d go down that low for a Barbie that the receiver would probably only play with for a week and find something better ?

I admit that there are things that I wish I could snag this Black Friday like a TV since our Converter box took it’s last breath and when we went to see how much a *new* one would cost the store clerk laughed and said … Just buy a *new* TV ! The have TV Converters built in. Nobody sells converter boxes anymore. Just buy a *new* TV.

Is that really what we’ve come down to now ? If something is broken don’t bother fixing it just buy a new one ? Laptop is busted ? Bah ! Scrap it and buy another one. I guess it’s great that times have changed where people can easily afford stuff now compared to before where we worked our butts off to save for something like that used car but now everyone can afford to get a new one that used cars are hard to sell. Nobody wants used anymore cuz they just buy a new one.

Some of us like myself still treasure the used and will continue to use the old til it’s no longer useable. Our TV may not be a fancy HD TV, Smart TV, or 3D TV but it’s a old reliable TV that my husband has owned for many many years. Still works fine ! The plastic casing might be cracked and crumbling but the TV still works. Why toss out something that still works ??

I know it’s hard for my husband and I often times with our financial struggles and we sometimes wish we could go back to the old times when money wasn’t so tight. But a part of me is thankful that we’re in this situation we’re in. It reminds me to be happy with the things I already have and be grateful for everything. It seems alot of people nowadays are forgetting about these simple things and just buying that *NEW* TV, expensive purse, shoes, etc.

It’s funny how sometimes people realize it later after they’ve bought the item that they don’t really need it. Their old shoes are alot more comfortable than the fancy expensive ones they just bought and go to return them. If you really wanna spend your money donate to a charity that needs the money more than anything.

Since becoming financially strapped I often repeat to myself when shopping in a store … IS IT A WANT OR A NEED ?? If you repeat this to yourself you’ll find you’ll be spending less when you ask yourself these brand new shoes you want to buy is it a want or a need ? If you need these and can’t live without them then make the purchase but if it’s a want it often times can be passed off. So this holiday season try to be happy with the things you already have and not wish for so much or shop so much. There’s more things to Life that are more important and valuable than material possessions.

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