The True Meanings of Christmas …


I wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas !! Tomorrow marks the day Santa get’s his sleigh filled and ready to deliver his Christmas cheer. Children everywhere are excited for Christmas day to come. But there are those like myself where the Christmas holiday has been laid-off due to budget cuts. 2013 has been a tough year for my husband and I. (-_-,) I’m hoping that the 2014 year would be better and prosperous for us. It hurts me deep inside that I am unable to purchase any Christmas gifts for my family or anyone this year.

I’m trying to buy what I can but my budget is very very limited to less than $100 to be exact and it’s difficult to shop for a handful of people with only $100. (;~;) I am close to buying and wrapped a pack of gum as Christmas presents since I cannot afford to fit everyone else into my budget. There’s so many things I wanna buy for them but can’t. But in a way I’m thankful for the position I am in this Christmas. It reminded me about the true meaning of Christmas and how the presents and gifts aren’t that important. The important things in Life are often forgotten when you have material items blocking your view of the important things.

My family might slowly be falling apart with everyone spending their own Christmas plans apart instead of being under the same roof around the table enjoying a Christmas meal like previous years. But I am grateful that my family are in good health and that even though we aren’t spending Christmas together this year I know they will be in my thoughts, heart, and Christmas prayers. I just hope that this Christmas you remember the true meanings of Christmas and not focus just on the presents and gifts under the tree. There’s more to Christmas than the store bought gifts.

So please remember the less fortunate this Christmas and focus more on the blessings of Christmas as well as Everyday life.


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