Evolution in a Box …

World_in_a_boxMy Blah Blah Blog post for today is gonna be a 2 part post. I first wanna start off talking about the *NEW* fad of having monthly goodies in a box mailed to your door. I’m sure we’ve all heard about Nature’s Box, Bark Box , Chef in a Box, etc. All these *NEW* boxed monthly subscription services. I think Nature’s box is the 1st one to start this at least that’s the 1st one I’ve ever known and after I heard about Nature’s box I started hearing alot more about these boxed subscription services. One even ships organic produce, meats, and poultry in the box. Another is pretty much dinner in a box and all you gotta do is cook it. They even provide a recipe card for the ingredients in the box.

It just seems like more and more the future is going to be arriving in boxes now. I kinda see retail stores disappearing over time as pretty much the internet and online shops take over since you can find more online than in an actual store nowadays. You want music it’s most likely easier to find it online than to go to a store like Best Buys or a music store hoping they’ll have the Artist/Album you’re looking for. It just seems like the use of going to a retail store is fading. You might still need retail stores for things like clothing as it’s difficult to know if a clothing item will fit properly or is comfortable by looking at it online and the hassle of returning an item if it didn’t fit or wasn’t comfortable will most likely keep clothing stores open. But stores like video game stores, music stores, toy stores, etc .. they will someday disappear. Maybe remaining open only as an option to pick-up item at a store location instead of shipping to your door.

We’re already got snacks, dog supplies, groceries, and other items available through a monthly boxed subscription plan. Why not other things like a Crafter in a Box that has random craft supplies each month never to receive duplicate items always something different or Discretion in a box for woman … your monthly menstrual supplies arrive at your doorstep each month. In the box can include things like caffinated teas, chocolate, snacks that aid mentrustral symptoms, and of course your cycles worth of pads or  tampons. That’s one monthly boxed subscription I might consider being a part of. Money is just so tight with alot of people such as myself that going groceries or buying certain necessities is a stretch on the dollar effort.

But it seems like these monthly boxed subscriptions are going to be the next BIG thing. I can see many things coming in these Monthly boxed subscriptions in the future such as …. Readers in a Box which feature reading books catered to your reading genre of choice, Artist in a box which has Art Supplies and the quality of the Art Supplies depends on the subscription length and price, Movies in a box which features unpopped popcorn, popcorn seasoning, some snacks, candy, and some DVD movies from the movie genre of choice, and Time in a box which can feature items from a certain time period like if you picked the 1980s it would feature candies from the 80s, Top Movies, a CD of the Greatest hits of the 80s, etc. The future is in the box !!



Now here’s the 2nd part to this two part blog post. You’ve probably heard this quote by Gandhi before ? It’s been posted many times on Facebook but to me in resonates deeply. Now what that change is differs from person to person. To me that change is Positivity … To change the Negatives in the world into Positives. I thought about blogging about this bcuz we all see the world changing and how money is one of the things that have dramatically changed within the past 5-6 yrs. People have less of it and alot of people now are struggling day by day. Struggling to pay their monthly bills, Struggling to keep the roof over their heads, Struggling to provide food on the table, and Struggling to buy the necessities we need.

Some have taken up multiple jobs just so they have that extra money to pay the bills, rent/mortgage, keep the fridge full, buy all the necessities, and still have some money left to enjoy Life via a dinner out, go see a movie, take the family out for a fun day out, or a mini vacation/stay-cation somewhere. But not everyone can handle multiple jobs. We are humans not machines and our bodies cannot handle working 24 hours a day or run on only 3-4 hrs. sleep. Just like anything else like a car for example you can’t keep it running for an entire day without it running outta gas and sputtering out. It needs to refuel and rest up the engine. In the long run if you keep it up something will break whether it’s the thermostat, fuel filter, or the engine itself.

Humans are just the same way. We can’t run 24 hours without wearing ourselves out. Families tend to fall apart as spouse’s rarely see each other, children grow up without Mom or Dad being around much as they’re busy going from one job to the next, and yes you now have the money to take care of what you need to but you’re miserable !! Physically exhausted, Mentally drained, Emotionally a mess, and just generally not any happier than when you were working just one job. I shouldn’t say the weak but when your working multiple jobs and running on mere hour of sleep you start to search for that tiny bit of happiness and for some they end up finding it at the bottom of a glass or bottle.

Weekends I start seeing more people going out for a drink to dissolve their weekday grind or to escape reality. But like the car metaphor you fill up a car with Diesel fuel instead of Unleaded it will run but in the long run it will break down and ruin the engine. That metaphor is the same with a person who drowns their problems with a glass or bottle. Your problems aren’t really solved nor do they disappear but rather you become dependant on the feeling that you’ve escaped reality … that brief moment of happiness you feel after you’ve downed a few glasses or bottles. But in the long run it will ruin your engine AKA Life and body.

Yesterday afternoon a couple knocked on our door and they run a bar/club on the busy street behind my street. They were going door to door asking people to sign a petition to allow them to serve alcohol. Now I don’t know how they were a bar/club without a liquor license but I wouldn’t sign it. The once quiet York Blvd. is turning in a hustle bustle Hollywood like street with bars, small shops, restaurants, a Vape lounge opened up, etc. What once was a safe street is now busy with often times impatient people, people who are buzzed and/or just left those bars.

My husband and I have often times encounter people upset that we are driving at the speed limits which is 35 mph. We’ve had a few incidents where people have driven into the center turning lane to get around us and curse at us for going too slow. They then go flying down the street at like 40-45 mph. I often tell my husband why is it seems like everyone is in a rush ? No one follows speed limits and those who are get cursed at, honked at, or the one to start road rages. All I can say is the change I want to see in this world does not include alcoholism, drunken behaviors, DUIs, accidents at the hands of a drunk driver, etc.

My Dad died from alcohol. He was an alcoholic and in the end his dependency took his Life. He died at the age of 62 from Liver cancer. The pain of watching him wither away and take his last breath is something I could never wish on any family. I’m not saying that after one drink you’ll instantly become an alcoholic but in moderation like on special occasions or once in a blue moon is okay. Just don’t use it as an outlet to runaway from your problems. Running away never solves them and often times just makes them worse. Seek the help you need to solve those problems bcuz drinking is just throwing gasoline onto your firepit. Rather than putting the flames out it just makes it worse.

Think about others first before you take that sip. How would a DUI affect your family ? Does it bother you to inflict hurt and pain onto your Loved ones as they try to cope with your lost ? Everything and everyone is tied to everything in this world. Life is like building blocks you remove the wrong one and the whole thing crumbles down. So think who’s world would crumble down from a simple action that you chose … BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD !!

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