Mold … It’s What’s for Dinner ! (X ~ x)


A few days ago there was a couple News vans and cameras stationed outside a grocery store that’s just around the corner from my house. I was curious but thinking much of it besides maybe they’re planning to remodel and showing off their plans or getting praised for something. Well, curiosity killed the cat as I googled to find out what the news vans and hub bub was all about. Turns out it wasn’t anything positive. The El Super market around the corner from me is being said to be selling Out of Date/Expired products on their shelves posing a health risk to the consumers.

This prompted me to want to blog about this bcuz how many of you actually check the Best By Dates on your meats, poultry, fish or even your boxed cereal ? Now of course there are certain things that can are still safe even passed their expiration date like pasta, rice, and grains. But I have experienced the dangers of consuming meats that weren’t exactly fresh as you’d trust from a grocery store. I think we are gullible and trusting grocery stores too easily !

My husband purchased Chicken from a grocery store not thinking about or looking at the expiration date as he trusted they were fresh. You wouldn’t think grocery stores would sell expired products so we trust what we buy is good. But this apparently isn’t the case as my husband got food poisoning from the Chicken. Be it people might say maybe it wasn’t cooked properly but I ensure you that he cooked it very well and I’m sure the bacteria still remained within the cooked chicken. Everyone get’s Food poisoning at some point in their lives. But this bout of food poisoning was severe. My husband wouldn’t stop vomiting and had to go to the Urgent Care then transferred to Emergency for IV fluids as he had become severely dehydrated. He spent nearly a day in the hospital for treatment.

Now we are very careful about expiration dates on things whether it’s meats, dairy, or even a box of cereal. I think we need to start being more diligent about what we consume. With the economy being so rough many businesses are starting to cut corners just to save a few bucks even if it means endangering the consumers health. Whatever saves them a few dollars and cents they’ll take it. But I think alot more people are becoming more aware and shopping organic or making better choices. Organizations are doing their jobs to make things like GMOs and bad food ingredients more out in the open that people are now becoming better aware about GMOs, Aspartame, and other ingredients that we’ve been consuming on daily basis without even knowing how bad it was.

The economy really needs to pick up so that people can shop better. I admit my husband and I want to shop at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fresh and Easy who are known for selling only Organic products but often times shopping at those types of stores aren’t within our budget limits. I think we really need to work at getting GMOs banned and work towards making sure that the foods we eat are safe for us to consume and we’re getting the utmost nutrition outta the vegetable, fruit, and foods themselves so we won’t have to supplement with vitamin pills or something to make up for the loss.

I’m mainly blogging about this today to bring awareness about expiration dates. Don’t just pick up that pack of steaks bcuz it’s red and looks fresh. CHECK THE DATE !! Looks can be deceiving even in a grocery store. What looks like a fresh pack of meat bcuz of it’s bright red color and fresh look could actually be close to or even passed due it’s freshness date. Now keep in mind that this goes for meats in the butchers counter too. Don’t forget to ask them how fresh is the chicken breasts in the window or how fresh is those steak in the meat window.

(O~o) It really opens your eyes and makes you wonder if those chicken wings you’ve been buying from the meat counter is fresh and not weeks old chicken that they’re selling off as fresh. They don’t post expiration dates on the meats, poultry, and fish behind the butchers counter. They just wrap it up and slap a sticker on that states the price but never the expiration dates. Alot of times I’m sure the butchers behind those counters don’t even know if you ask them when were those chicken wings brought out into the glass display window, how fresh are they, etc. I can imagine most will just guess a date from the top of their heads to save their hides. We need to be more aware of how fresh the foods we bring home are !

But of course there’s people like me who think … (T~T) Meh ! We’re all gonna die someday. I don’t have the money and too lazy to check if my produce is GMO-free or if my meats are fresh. But seriously this will dramatically reduce any health issues that may arise from eating foods that aren’t exactly fresh. Kinda makes you wonder about Fast Food restaurants and how fresh are the meats they use to serve you your taco, burger, burrito, etc. But I guess the only thing you can do is take a bite and hope you don’t get sick.

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