Racist Girl Scouts ? (T ~ T)


So I’m sure that many of you have probably encountered the Girl Scouts out front of a store trying to sell their box of cookies. It’s that time of year again … Girl Scout Cookie season !! I am a fan of Girl Scout cookies myself and can’t resist a box of Thin Mints. But what I experienced the other day was appalling. I was going to pick up some prescriptions from my pharmacy drug store and there was a group of Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies and ask for charitable donations. There was a large crowd blocking the front entrance of the store as people buying the cookies, people donating money, and ladies in goo-goo gaga over the cuteness of these girl scouts who’s age ranged from probably 5 to 8 yrs. old.

I patiently waited with my husband for the crowd to clear so I can make my way into the store.  As I was patiently waiting two girl scouts about the age of 5-6 yrs. old loudly whispered to each other … “Don’t try to sell to Hispanic or Asians bcuz they’re too poor or cheap to buy a box of cookies. Try selling to White people most bcuz they have money to buy boxes of cookies and love their cookies. So approach them but ignore the rest”. My jaw virtually dropped to the floor when I heard this little girls racist sales pep talk. When I finally got closer to the entrance of the store she didn’t even approach me with a cute … Would you like to buy a box of cookies, mam ? She gave me a one second smile and turned her cheek.

I was thinking of buying a box or two of cookies but after hearing her sales attitude about only selling to white people and not to hispanics or asians. I definitely decided to keep my money and buy a box of cookies from the dollar store instead. But it really shocked me and disappointed me that her brain would even think like that especially a girl scouts brain which I thought was trained to be respectful, disciplined, and well mannered.

What’s sad the most is that her parents are probably clueless about her racism or maybe they act just the same as children as sponges who soak up their environment and how their parents act and behave. I don’t have kids but when I do I’m definitely raising my children on equality and know we are all one. Not separated by color, race, or whatever but we’re all the same and equal to each other. I just more and more see lazy parents raising children to behave negatively and not even bat an eye over it. I think we’ve all experienced rowdy kids in a grocery store running down the aisles, ripping open chips and cookie bags then putting the bags back in the aisle, or the Mom who’s kid won’t shut up so she grabs and opens a candy bar and let’s the kid eat it then never pay for that eaten candy bar ?

All I can say is it’s sad and a real SMH “Shake My Head”. I don’t blame the children either it’s all on the parents. As a parent it’s your responsibility to teach and show your child the Good and Bad … Right from Wrong. But it’s just a sad and disappointing sight to see such young innocent minds express such negative corruption.


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