Just Some Random Babble …

coollogo_com-16971158I’m bored so I thought I’d just post some random babble to end my weekend. So if you live in California especially in Los Angeles you’ve probably realized the raise in gas prices yet again. Prices have soared to close to $5 bucks again. To you driving electric hybrids … wipe that grin off your face. Someday electric prices will shoot up and  charging your toy car will cost just as much as filling up with gas.

Many people are annoyed by this price hike and wondering WTF with the price hike. Well, if I learned anything from High School Economics is about Supply and Demand … Road Trip season is here again especially with Spring Break around the corner. Rowdy College students are all on the move traveling AWAY from the snowy white-out weather for most likely California warmth and other Sunshine places. I am sure the #1 Spring Break spot this year is Colorado for the Rowdy curious 1st timer pot smokers to indulge on a little 420 action without troubles.

All I can say when people ask me … My Gosh this gas price is so high ! My only answer is Spring Break is coming up and alot of people have travel plans and most will be traveling in their *New* Cars they just bought with their tax income money or using that tax income money to take a family Spring Break trip. With the kids all being off on Spring Break travels and road trips cause gas spikes from Supply and Demand ? I dunno.

Anyways this next part is more of a rant/vent than babble but do you say Excuse me when you passing by someone in a store ? I was at a Target store today with my husband and this lady parks her cart right in the middle of the entrance of an aisle. Me being is a wheelchair I tried to squeeze passed her cart. She tells me … Oh, I’m so sorry and tells her young daughter to move the cart. She moves it an inch forward which really didn’t make any difference.

But my Husband sometimes says to me that I need to start saying Excuse me and be more polite as I always just pass through without saying a word. I’m not being a B!tch or being rude. It’s just from my own experience saying Excuse me doesn’t do sh!t ! Either they ignore you anyways or saying Excuse me doesn’t really make them move outta the way or give you room to pass. They more or less say Oh I’m sorry and scooch over maybe a ½” inch or not at all.

So what is the point in saying Excuse me ? 99.9% of the time when I say Excuse me they ignore me or can’t hear me causing me to go into broken record mode and say Excuse me … Excuse me … EXCUSE ME … EEXXXCCUUUSSSEEE MEEEEEEE !!! (>D<) I seriously sometime have to tell to be heard. I joke to my husband saying maybe I should buy a mini megaphone online somewhere so when I say Excuse me I’ll be heard loud and clear. My husband has seen me say Excuse me loud and clearly but the person ignores/doesn’t hear me. There’s been a few times where my husband behind me says EXCUSE ME and they hear him but not me.

Honestly …*Ok now I’m slightly going into B!tch mode* But honestly ? I think your etiquette behind a shopping card should be no different than your etiquette behind the wheel of a car. But then again I remember reading an article that said the way you push a shopping cart is generally the same way you drive behind the wheel. So if these people ignore me when I say Excuse me. I am sure they ignore you when you got your signal on and hoping to squeeze into their lane. They’ll ignore you even though you’re right next to them or honking to ask if you can squeeze in. This lady blocked the entrance of an aisle so I’m sure she blocks intersections when behind the wheel.

It’s just really sad to know that compassion and courtesy no longer really exists in the world whether behind the wheel, behind the shopping cart, or walking in a shopping mall. I being in a wheelchair held the door for a family *A Dad holding a child’s hand, Mom holding a sleeping toddler, and their oldest zombie walking as he stares into his iPhone* But when I was coming through nobody held the door open for me or opened the door for me. 😛 My lovely husband did that since no one else seem to have the heart to do it.

Anyways enough about that babbling. How many of you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and go to a pub or party ? Being I’m not Irish it’s not a holiday I really celebrate except back when I was in school when I’d wear green or something for holiday school spirit. Just go easy on the booze people and FOR PETE’S SAKE or should I say PATRICK’S SAKE … Don’t get behind the wheel after pounding your liver at St. Patty’s Day Pubs. You may of given your Liver a hangover which it might not recover from but don’t go injurying others bcuz of it.

The way people drive nowadays is now one of my pet peeves. People drive too fast like they’re in a rush. Speed limit is no longer valid as I see everyone drive way over the speed limit. If you are law abiding and drive at speed limits people changes lanes to speed pass you but not after giving you a dirty stink eye for driving too slow. Too many people tailgate nowadays bcuz we’re all in a rush to get home. I mean seriously !! Your couch and Duck Dynasty will still be waiting when you get home. If you badly wanna see a show get a DVR or Tivo to record it for you. Don’t freakin’ die or kill someone else with your rushing around.

People rush even in a parking lot. I’ve had a few close calls where I was crossing after exiting a store and some person comes barreling down the parking lot driveway and almost hits me. Being I’m already in a wheelchair it’s gonna be pretty sad to hit and run over a person who’s already in a wheelchair. One person actually had the nerve to shout out their window to watch where I’m going and as I crossed he parked his car and rushed inside the store giving me a dirty look from across the parking lot.

What is your freakin’ rush ? The stores not closing yet, you’re gonna get what you need whether you go slowly or fast but would running over a innocent person bcuz you are in a rush really be worth it ? Just slow down people. Think of the consequences that happens from you speeding around like the world is running on Fast Forward. Either a cop will catch you speeding and you get a ticket, Someone will turn or pop out in front of you not giving you enough time to react and cause an accident injurying yourself and/or the other people possibly fatally. It all seems worthless. Life is too precious !! Slow down !!


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