Derpy Thursday … (° ε o)

1395406410249Is it just me or are Customer Service reps getting dumber and dumber ?? It’s not just Customer Service reps but anyone behind the desk whether it’s a Medical Office, Post Office, etc. Secretary … Receptionist … Office Assistant … whatever you wanna call them. They seem to be getting dumber and dumber. Either they’re busy texting or playing on Facebook to pay attention to you or they get simple information incorrect. My name is Mary and I cannot tell you how many times people have called me Maria, Marie, Mara, Maury, and the worst one … Mario ! How did they get Mario from Mary ?

I recently had a doctors appointment at a Otolaryngology *Ear, Nose and Throat doctor* office to get this feeling that something is stuck in my throat feeling checked out. I was referred there by my primary doctor and being a *new* patient I know I had forms to fill out. When I looked at the form with some information already pre-filled I was like (¬⌂¬) Seriously ?!? Under Sex it said M. Last time I’m checked I’m a F. *Looks in her pants* Yep, I’m a F ! My address was wrong too. View Cannot St. ? It’s Buchanan St. How the heck did they get View Cannot St. ? Is there even such a street name ?? (Ü~Ü) Just too many mistakes were on the form. It would of been better if they hadn’t pre-filled the info. I informed the secretary at the desk that alot of the information was incorrect. With an attitude she said just scratch out whatever is wrong and put the right info over it or whatever.

Another incident which makes me question customer service reps happened like an hour ago. My phone rings and I answer it and this is what happened …

The Customer Service rep says : “Hello, can I speak to Maria Tekuheshi” ?
Me : “I think you have the wrong number”. *Was about to hang up but…*
CS rep : “Wait Wait !! Is there a Mara” ?
Me : “Nope. Hanging up now”
CS rep : “WAIT ! I’m looking for a Tekohooshi” ?
Me : “Still no such person here. Bye”. *At this point I have no idea why I didn’t just hang up the phone for real. But ...*
CS rep : “I’m sorry I’m looking for Maury Takeheshi”.
Me : *Getting annoyed* “No, there is nobody by that name here” !
CS rep : “Please, hold on for a minute. Umm … is there a Marie … Maurice … Marisha … Mario…” ?
Me : “Look if you’re look for a MARY TAKAHASHI that is me and you’re speaking to her” !
CS rep : “Yes, Yes !! I’m sorry ! Hello ! (n⌂n”)

Seriously ? I mean SERIOUSLY ?!? Is it really that hard to pronouce Mary and Takahashi ??? It’s pronounced just as it’s spelled … TA-KA-HA-SHEE !! Ain’t too difficult is it now ? I’ve had to deal with this all my Life where no one could ever pronounce my last name when it’s so darn simple. The first name is what really puzzles me and how so many names came outta a very popular and simple Mary like Merry Christmas … Mary !! How did she get Maria, Mara, Maury, Marie, Maurice, Marisha, and again Mario from Mary ?? How they come up with Mario puzzles me more than a colorblind person trying to do a rubix cube.

All I can say is it seems like people are just getting the job for the money but not the duties. My husband works in a hospital and he always tells me about how clueless some of the nurses are and majority of them have worked there ALOT longer than he has and asking him questions like where’s this department located or where is the cancer center lab at ? Many a times he’s gotten hung up on by the nurses bcuz they pressed the wrong button and when he calls again their answer is I don’t know how to use this phone. This is coming from RN nurses and nurses who’ve been working there for 20+ yrs. I told him people study to become nurses and stuff just for the pay but lack the compassion for the patients they care for or the people they’ll be interacting with on a daily basis.

I experience this on multiple occasions. Whether it’s at a restaurant where the server takes your plate or clears the table even when you weren’t finished eating to secretaries at the doctors office busy with the iPhones and gossiping with the other secretaries to notice you’re standing there waiting to be assisted. Even if you say excuse me … they said just a moment and continue yak yaking away and then look at you annoyed and rudely say Ok what ? Then as they assist you they’re loudly chewing gum and still talking to the other secretary as they assist you. That is my Derpy Thursday babble !!

4 thoughts on “Derpy Thursday … (° ε o)

  1. When I originally commented I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments
    are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.
    Perhaps there is a way you can remove me from that
    service? Kudos!

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting multiple notifications sent. That would not be an error on my end but more an error with the WordPress site itself. Try contacting them regarding the issue. Umm … my only guess is to go into your WordPress account and there should be a place where you can manage the blog subscriptions you signed up to and you can remove your subscription. I hope you will try to remove and resubscribe to my blog. Hope this helped !

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