Mint-A-Holics Anonymous (∩ ε ∩)


(ñ⌂ñ) Hello, my name is Mary and I’m a Mint-a-Holic. (⌐⌂⌐) Hi, Mary !! L0L No, seriously though I am a Mint-a-Holic !! I love adding mint to my water or beverage whether it’d be plain ice Water, Tea, or Soda … I love to add me a crushed bundle of mint. I am such a Mint-a-holic that I actually carry a small baggie of mint leaves with me in my pocket or purse. I add it to every beverage I have or just eat the leaves as a organic and natural after meal breath mint.

If I don’t have any fresh mint available I add a tiny drop of Mint Extract but the flavor is not the same as the real leaves itself. Some Mint Extracts have a real chemically taste and some just right out don’t taste anything like mint at all. More like mint mouthwash or diluted toothpaste. But when I get a chance I get bushels of mint. I grow my own mint on a window sill but lately it hasn’t been doing so well that the leaves are quite small and nothing worths of harvesting. (T^T)

But luckily Mint is not very expensive and available year round in the grocery stores. They generally cost a dollar or two for a bundle of mint. I can’t wait for when my hubby and I buy a home of our own where I can grow a GIANT bush of mint that I can pluck leaves from anytime I want. I just love the refreshing taste and feeling of drinking Mint infused tea and water. I’ve tried them in many combinations from just plain ice water and mint, muddled mint and lemon, mint with roasted barley tea, mint with lemon sparkling water, and of course mint with sodas like Sprite, Sierra Mist, and the Limited Edition Cranberry Sprite. One mix I have tried that wasn’t that bad was mint with Pepsi.

Before I just muddled the mint *unsure if I was muddling correctly* but I was muddling the leaves with a little sugar and adding in the liquid after then straining out the leaves or just leaving the leaves in. But I wasn’t liking swallowing chunks of leaves as I sipped. So I started searching for a infusion tumbler. My Mom bought me this cup called the Mighty Mixer. Horrible product !! The center core where you place your fruits/herbs was way too narrow that it was difficult to get a good amount of herbs in or get any fruit to fit at all without cutting them up into pureed chunks. Cleaning the center core out was even more a pain.

So again I went on a search to find that perfect infusion tumbler. Lo and Behold I was at Walmart and they started stocking their shelves with their Summer items already and I come across their summer picnic cups, pitchers, mugs, etc. and *BOOM* I spot a double-wall insulated, BPA-Free, Infusion tumbler by CoolGear for only $6. I grabbed me one in a lovely aqua blue color as Blue is my favorite color. Soon as I got it home I gave the tumbler a good wash and gave it a go. Immediately I was loving it !! The center core is pretty wide so that you can fit wedges of lemons without cutting them into small sizes and I can crush in whole mint stems without breaking them apart. The center core is removable with a gentle twist of the wrist. But what’s even more cool is that there’s a small rubber lid on the cap that covers the center core area and you pop off that cap you can add more herbs/fruit or ice through that hole without having ti unscrew the cap. I might have to get me another one as my To-Go tumbler so I can drink mint infused drinks on the Go.

All I can say is people will stare at you and give you strange looks when you pull out a baggie of green leaves and add it into your drink. I’ve actually had idiotic people ask me if I just added fresh marijuana leaves to my drink. Yes, mint leaves have jagged edges like marijuana leaves but marijuana leaves are long and elongated where as mint leaves are short and fat. Plus the perfume of minty-ness coming out of the leaves as I crushed/bruised them should of given them a clue.

But I Love Mint and I’m not going to give a hoot what people are thinking when I pull out my baggie of Mint leaves. It’s okay to be unique and different. Don’t change or hide who you are just to please others views/opinions or have fear of what others will think. BE WHO YOU ARE and NEVER BE AFRAID TO SHOW WHO YOU ARE !! When people (Φ⌂Φ) gawk at me crushing my mint leaves into my drink I just smile widely and ask if they would like some. But at the same time I have met fellow Mint-a-Holics who were happy to take a couple leaves for their drink. Of course there were a few ladies who said now all I need is some good rum or vodka and I’m happy. \(TT)/ Why would you want to waste perfectly delicious mint by boozing it up ? When they say something like that it makes me wanna say … GIMME BACK MY MINT LEAVES !! You’re not a true Mint-a-holic you’re a Mint Extract-a-holic !! L0L

I just love my mint whether it’s the herbal leaves or in gum, chocolate, cookies, etc. Not a big fan of Peppermint flavored things though. (¬_¬) Bcuz usually anything Peppermint flavored is just WAY too strong and burns your mouth. But to be honest I really don’t know what type of Mint I’m buying from my grocery store. They label it … MINT but there’s so many varieties of Mint !! There’s Lemon Mint, Chocolate Mint, Apple Mint, Orange Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sweet Mint, etc. But most likely it’s Peppermint. The plant I got growing on my windowsill is Sweet Mint. I have only been able to harvest the leaves once and that was mainly when I first bought the plant. It hasn’t grown very well to where I can harvest more often. (n_n) I just can’t wait for the day my hubby and I buy a home of our own. I’m going to grow every mint variety available. Be interesting to try the Lemon Mint, Apple Mint, Chocolate Mint, and Orange Mint as the name states it supposedly has hints of Lemon, Apple, Chocolate, and Orange in them.


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