A healthier *new* me for a *new* year …



So as you can tell from the two(2) pic images above … my Birthday is coming up !! I ain’t gonna tell you how old I am going to be. L0L But as I become another year older I am trying to make healthier choices and try to diet a little. So far I’ve replaced Sodas and started drinking fruit/herb infused water. So far I’m loving crushed Mint in water, squeezed Lemon wedges in water, and Pineapple Fuji Apple water which I cutely call “Apple Dapple” water. You take 3 sliced of fresh pineapple and ½ a Fuji apple thinly sliced. I’m going to try my best to avoid soda but I love it so it’s impossible to completely stop drinking it. I’m going to drink it only in a blue moon or as a special treat.

Diet wise I’ve been eating more salads and greens. I found a salad dress by litehouse. Marzetti is one of my favorite dressing brands but it’s hard to find now. But I was at Walmart the other day and found this litehouse Cilantro and Cotija creamy dressing and wondered if it tasted anything like the El Pollo Loco’s creamy cilantro dressing. It’s quite pleasantly tasting ! I think I could use this again in the future. Anyways I’m trying to make healthier choices and as hard as it will be I’m going to limit my fast food trips to once a month or every couple  months isn’t of before where I used to go almost weekly. I’m hoping that this change will help shed some pounds. My challenge is exercise ! (-_-) Being physically disabled exercise is difficult but I know adding exercise will boost my weight loss and a 1-Up towards a healthier me.

I hope that you will try to make better health choices as well. I can give you a few healthier alternatives to try that I’ve tried and found more delicious than the bad. For example … if you are a soda addict like I am. You can make your own soda ! You don’t need to buy a Soda Stream machine or anything. Go to Smart & Final store and buy Torani syrup which come in so many different flavors. If you don’t have a Smart & Final near you Amazon.com sells them. Take 1 oz. of Torani syrup and add it to sparkling water. I like to use the Crystal Geyser flavored sparkling mineral water like lemon or mixed berry. Add ice and you got yourself a soda that has less calories than a Coke or Pepsi. Depending on the Torani Syrup flavor you choose most are under 70  calories per 1 oz. If you’re more into 0 calorie sodas then buy Sugar-free Torani which are 0 calories.

There are so many flavors to try and each are very delcious !! One bottle is about 25 oz. which will last you quite awhile. My favorite would have to be the green apple which tastes like a green apple jollyrancher, Cherry is great with a squeeze of Lime, Mint, and the Lime flavored Crystal Geyser sparkling water, if you read my previous blog post I am a Mint-a-Holic so I’m itching to try their Mojito Mint syrup !! 😀 But I highly recommend you try the Torani Syrups sodas as your high calorie/high fructose syrup sodas. Here’s to another year of wisdom and awesomeness !! Can’t wait for my Birthday !! Hope it’ll be a memorable one !!


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