B3 Fabulous with Every Step !!


Hello everyone !! So today I wanna share a little bit of encouragement with you all about being who you are not who others want you to be and being happy with who you are. Above are pictures of two(2) of my favorite shoes. The one on the right I just recently bought this weekend. Yes, these are the Sketchers TwinkleToes shoes that alot of young girls wear. I am in my 30s … Going to be 32 in 6 days. I have fairly small feet and often times I fit into shoe sizes as small as 4 in little girls.

I have gotten a mix of both positive and negative comments regarding me wearing these shoes. Some of the negative have been things like Are’t you a little too old to be wearing those ? (⌐ ۸ ⌐) Aren’t you a little too old to be passing such childish judgement ? But I’ve gotten positive comments like I wish my feet could fit into those they are so awesome !! I admit I have a slight obession with sparkly lights. I have two sparkly light up color changing keychains attached to my wheelchair. I use it not only to be seen at night and just cuz I light the flashing colors. 😛

But you know the saying … If the Shoe Fits ? Well, in this case that quote fits well. IF THE SHOE FITS, B3 FABULOUS WITH EVERY STEP YOU TAKE !! Don’t be afraid to be unique and be yourself !! Do what makes you happy not do what makes others happy. I love being unique even if it means down the line I’m a 70 yr. old granny with a rainbow ponytail. Stand up and Stand out !! I am not going to stop being flashy just bcuz society puts limits on everything from how old you should be for this or that or who you should marry and how old you should be and blah blah blah !!! (U_u) I always say you’re only as old as you feel and I feel like I’m a toddler than a 32 yr. old woman. B3 FREE AND F0R3VER YOUNG !!


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