Are Birthdays Really Unimportant ?


So my Birthday was yesterday and overall it was just a wild Rollercoaster ride. That is really the most accurate description of my Birthday this year. Before my Birthday I was so excited *The excitement you feel as you climb up the hill on a Rollercoaster* then days before my Birthday things got Awesome *the moment you peek from the top of that hill* and soon after everything just seems to zoom by *the moment you fly down the hill and sharp curves* but a rollercoaster ride doesn’t last forever just as like your Birthday the fun is over and it’s back to your everyday Life.

Well, for me my Birthday emotional ride went from Happy – Uber Happy – Almost to Tears Happy – Sad it’s Over – Tears of Sadness. Why tears of sadness ? Well, my family didn’t say a word to me on my Birthday. My Mom’s in Japan for Three(3) months so I give her an excuse to not wish me a Happy Birthday but my older Sister and Brother could of sent an email, a card, or even a phone call to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Many of my friends say don’t worry so much about it. Birthday’s aren’t important and after 13 or 16 they’re not imporant to be celebrated anymore. I don’t do anything for my Birthday or celebrate it. It’s just an ordinary day for me. WRONG !! Birthday’s are very important and there shouldn’t be an Age Limit on them.

*Pardon my french* But I’m fucken tired of everyone putting age limits on everything !! You’re too old to be coloring coloring books, You’re too old to go to Disneyland and ride the kiddie rides, you’re too old to be playing Video Games, you’re too old for this and that !! If your mentality is YOU’RE TOO OLD then you truly are old and going to feel old. Life doesn’t have an age limit !! You’re never too old to live your Life.

If you don’t celebrate Birthdays then why bother celebrating anything else ? Don’t celebrate Christmas, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s day, etc. They’re not important ! Everyday someone becomes a Mom nothing special, why celebrate Christmas if you stopped believing in Santa years ago and too old to be getting presents and decorating the house/tree, don’t celebrate ANYTHING just live your day to day 9 to 5 Life.

NO !! Birthday’s are meant to be celebrated each year no matter how old you are becoming. The true meaning of Birthday’s is the celebration of Life !! You would not be here if it weren’t for your Birth. We all have a purpose in Life and put on this earth for a reason !!! Therefore Birthday’s are the most important thing to be celebrated. It’s to celebrate the Life of that person and to celebrate a Life in whole.

I don’t care if I’m 70 I will still party for my Birthday and don’t care if I’m 50 I’ll still want a Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese or Dave n Busters or just a party alone. Birthday’s are meant to be celebrate and not ignored. It really saddens me to see that we’ve lost care for many things in Life. We don’t care about marriage, don’t care about each other, don’t care about the morals/values important in Life, we just don’t care.

I was born a caring person. Friends always tell me if you’re family don’t care then don’t care about them too. (-_-) That is alot easier to say than do. I am a very caring person almost to a psychotic point. I care to much !! Often time it leads to hurt and pain. But I can’t stop caring. I guess you can kinda say it’s my obsessive compulsion to be caring and compassionate. I care about people whether I know them personally or not.

Asking me to stop caring is like me asking you to stop breathing, stop your heart from beating, stop your blood from flowing, stop existence, stop the world from turning, stop time from flowing, etc. It’s impossible for me to do !! It’s just who I am. How difficult is it to grab a Birthday card write a short greeting and pop it into the mailbox ? You don’t have to put money or a gift card. Just the thought that you care could mean the world to a person.

Please, don’t stop celebrating Birthdays and end the mentality of Birthdays are unimportant and don’t deserve to be celebrated bcuz we’re too old. Birthdays are to be celebrate bcuz they are the true meaning and definition of Life and sheer existence in this universe. Every and ALL Birthdays are to be celebrated not matter what age you are !!










4 thoughts on “Are Birthdays Really Unimportant ?

  1. Cecile says:

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    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Thank you so much for that suggestion ! I shall look into it as I’m always looking for ways to reach more readers and followers for both my personal thoughs blog and artist blog. Thanxs again and please share with friends of whom you think would be interested in my blog(s).

  2. Atlas says:

    ALL birthdays are unimportant. This silly concept is a product of human egocentrism. What have you just accomplished that you are celebrating? Nothing. You just happened to be born through no fault of your own and have decided to pat yourself on the back annually for it…?? Makes no sense.

    • MYT CR8TiV says:

      Well, there’s no need to be a Debbie Downer about the whole Birthday situation. I think in general Birthdays were created to celebrate another year of Life for a person but somehow things always stray from the main point to where now it’s kinda mandatory or you at least feel obligated to buy the Birthday present for the person or at least get them a card. Birthdays for me are slowly becoming something that is a bit depressing. My Birthday passed a few weeks ago and I didn’t even get a cake for myself. But hey … if you wanna throw a gigantic bash for yourself or a family member every year more power to ya. Now I’m turning into a Debbie Downer by saying that I believe Birthdays and Holidays are only for kids.

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