Happy Mother’s Day Moms !! (n_n)

84528-Happy-Mothers-DaySo tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we’re all celebrating our Moms. But I want to tell you what I think of Mother’s Day … to me Mother’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate Mothers but it’s a day to celebrate women for without women there would be no Mothers. *Inappropriate joke Alert* If there were no Mothers there would be nothing but assholes and shit-heads bcuz where else would a Male give birth ? Har har … Lame (¬_¬) Ya, I know !!

Anyways being a Mother doesn’t just extend to the child that you gave birth to. Being a Mother generally defines to taking care of someone, feeding them, changing them, supporting them, and loving them unconditionally. My husband has been telling co-workers Happy Mother’s Day and a few gave him a bad attitude saying (¬⌂¬) I’m not a Mom ! I don’t have any kids. You don’t have to be so rude and give such a snide remark.

Women are born Mothers. Whether you are a Mother to your own children or a Mother-like figure to a cousin, neice, nephew, friend’s child, etc. If you have a pet you are technically the mother of that Cat, Dog, or Pet(s) as your duties are just the same as a Mother to a human child. You feed them, bathe them, care for them, and love them unconditionally ! Whether you have children or not you are a Mother … Grandmothers are Mothers to both their own children and other children (i.e Grandchildren), GodMother’s are Mothers to someone elses children, and Adoptive mothers are still MOTHERS even tough they are not their biological birth Mothers.

So Mother’s Day isn’t just about Mothers or being a Mother but rather a day to celebrate being a woman. We all become Mothers in the end if not now but someday. So when someone wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day and you’re not a mother … please, be respectful and say thank you I’m not a Mother yet but I someday hope to be. Until then I’m a Mom to my Kitty, Doggy, or my Sister’s adorable baby. Whether you know it or not you are a Mother in some way or form. So go celebrate yourself being a woman with a pamper at the spa or go indulge in something you really Love bcuz Mother’s Day isn’t just a day for Moms it’s a day to celebrate being a woman !!

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