Would you like a side order of Bad Attitude with that ?


I am sure this is a post we can all relate to. Dealing with Attitude is something that some have to deal with on a daily basis and sadly I’m not talking about positive attitudes either. When you work in a job where you dealing with other people whether it’d be a Nurse working with patients or a server in a restaurant or a fast-food worker … Attitude is everything !! With smartphones and sites like Yelp a business can easily earn a bad rep by the attitude of it’s workers. I’m mainly going to base this post on restaurant workers bcuz last night my husband and I experienced two(2) workers with a very bad attitude and at two different restaurants. One of them was a unknowledgable Store manager. We tried not to let it sour our dining out time but I have to say the mood was kicked down a notch bcuz of their attitude.

When you work for a restaurant you gotta remember that it’s not your boss that pays your bills it’s the customers ! The more customers that come to dine at your restaurant means the more income that is being provided to the restaurant which ties to your pay check. If you have a bad attitude customers will take their business elsewhere meaning income is less which means if it continues your income will also become less as the restaurant struggles financially to stay afloat. If changes aren’t made then the inevitable happens where a restaurant shuts down and you can thank your attitude for being out of a job.

Whethere you’re working for a restaurant that requires a waiter/waitress service or a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s … Server to customer relationship is vital in your daily work. Leave your attitude at home and always be respectful and positive towards your customers. Even if you’re exhausted and it’s been a long day til the moment you swipe that time card and step out that door you should be in a good attitude. Having a bad attitude will get you no where but a life of job hopping as you get fired from every job you go to due to your ugly attitude.

But sadly the says of Service with a Smile is all to rare and few these days. You’d be lucky if you get a elderly server at a Denny’s, iHop, or Coco’s who still fondly believes in the old rule of Service with a Smile. But sadly it’s like you trying to win the lotto or find a diamond in the ocean. It’s rare to find anyone with a smile and positive attitude. Even in a hospital you have nurses who care more about the money they are making over the care they provide to their patients or to a server who is aimed more towards serving their own people in positive ways such as a latino smiling and being so friendly with a fellow latino customer but up next is a Asian and their smile turns into a frown and a not so friendly attitude. WTF ? Why change your attitude ??

Our priorities have gotten so screwed which is why we are struggling to co-exist and live in happiness. We are focusing on the money and not the other things that are of more value than money. I know so people who are studying to be this or that mainly bcuz it’s high income rate rather than for the field or the subject that is required. Like I said I know people studying to be an RN nurse just so they can live the lavished lifestyle they dream of but not give a hoot about the care they will be providing to the patients they will be working with. I have been in and out of hospitals all my Life growing up and I have seen the people who care not about the money but the care and well-being of the patients and those who care more about the money and not about the work.

We all see it everyday I’m sure at your own workplace there are workers complaining about the work they do everyday. Then why are you working here ? There are people who just went on a vacation and week later complaining I need a vacations. YOU JUST TOOK ONE !! Laziness and Bad Attitudes are two of the things I hate about people. If you work with customers on a daily basis please leave your bad/negative attitudes at home. The more positive the attitude the more posititive your everyday work day will be and over time you will be rewarded for your positive attitude.

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