Orange Mint ? Not quite minty …


So if you recall my blog post back in April about my love and addiction for Mint. I just recently bought a *new* mint plant for $2.99 from a local Smart & Final store. This mint plant according to the packaging is not meant for transplant or planting into a pot/ground. It rather suggests you keep it in the container it comes in and just place a dish with ½” inch of water daily. I noticed the shape of the leaves and overall look was alot different than the mint plant I have growing on the windowsill. This plant had more broad oval leaves and not very jagged edges. Where as my Sweet Mint plant which I believe is Spearmint has very jagged leaves and the leaves have lots of detailing.

I plucked a few leaves off this *new* mint plant and it has a very faint minty-ness but rather tastes more like Shiso “Japanese Perilla” than Mint. I’m curious as this plant grows if it’s actually a perilla plant mistaken for mint bcuz it definitely doesn’t have a mint like taste and the general look of mint. But doing internet research it looks like the Orange mint plant although the tastes of it doesn’t match the descriptions of what Orange mint should taste like. I guess I’m just going to have to wait and see as my Mom has on countless occasions grown Shiso and know that the Shiso plant has very fine prickly hairs both along the stem and the back of the leaves. So if this plant goes into puberty so to speak and grows prickly hair I know it’s not a mint plant but a perilla plant. Which isn’t a bad thing bcuz I adore Shiso and love wrapping BBQ meats in it or even just sashimi tuna.

So either way I’m gonna love and care for this *new* plant but interesting to experience a mint plant different than what I’m used to. Most grocery stores sell Spearmint bundles. My Bonnie plants “Sweet Mint” I bought from Walmart years ago I believe is a Spearmint. I dunno why they didn’t just label it Spearmint and not Sweet Mint. But there’s so many mint varieties who knows if it’s actually Sweet Mint or Spearmint.

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