Happy 4th of July !!

4th of July 2014Handrawn By : MYT CR8TiV™-2014©.

I haven’t posted anything lately even though there’s been a few things I’ve been thought about blah blah blogging about. (>~<) I just forget as quick as it popped into my head … it pops back out of my head just as quick. I really need to start writing down blog topics that pop into my head or jot it down into my phone instead of saying that’s great I’ll blog about that when I get home them *Boop* gone ! What was I gonna blog about ? Umm … Err …. Ughhh …. Uhh … Hmm … Ahhh … *ARGH* /(>D<)\ I forgot was it was !! L0L

Anyways 4th of July is tomorrow ! I wanted to post this up now before I forget about it tomorrow. Hope you all have a great 4th of July !! Celebrate it safely and respectfully !! Be courteous to your neighbors or if you’re camping at a park to watch a fireworks show be courteous to others who are also there to watch the show. Don’t go ruining 4th of July for others ! ANY and EVERY holiday is widely cherished for the memories they create and are treasured for years to come so don’t go down in someone’s memory as the 4$$h0l3 who didn’t control their children or the BumH0l3 who stole beers from their cooler. Also remember to pick up after yourselves. We only have one Earth and we must preserve it for generations to come.

I’ll post again soon … if I remember (“¬⌂¬) to ! Til then have a Safe and Happy 4th of July !!


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