Somethings are not meant to be …


Happy Hump Day ! I wanted to make today’s blah blah blog topic about things happening for a reason. I’m sure we all believe that everything happens for a reason. Christians believe that God is behind some of those reasons but I truly believe that when something isn’t meant to be there will be signs that you shouldn’t pursue it !

For example … I was looking to buy this mini laptop I saw @ Walmart. It was an Acer Aspire One for $199 I wanted to get it for my MYT CR8TiV™ biz as it’s been taking off recently leaving me swamped with orders. I thought having a mini laptop to track my expenses, orders, profits, etc. would be easier to do with a mini laptop dedicated solely for my business.

I was ecstatic 😃 when my husband approved of the purchase of the mini laptop. I excitedly went with him to the Walmart looking forward to leaving with a *new* laptop but to my dismay they no longer carried it. There were other laptops there priced a little higher than the Aspire One but I really had my ❤ set on the Acer Aspire one.

My current laptop which has been sorta converted to a desktop is a Acer Aspire. It is my main and only computer which I do all my blogging, facebooking, and internet time. Earlier I went browsing the web for the Aspire One and found used one for similar price as Walmart on eBay and *new* on Amazon for a few bucks more.

My friends know I’m not a BIG fan of online shopping. Call me old fashioned but I prefer going into a store and buying what I’m looking for without paying shipping costs. But it’s becoming more and more difficult to buy/find what you’re looking for in a store. Everything is going online !

Anyways sometimes when I am excited for something and can’t get it right away I think of it as possibly a sign that it’s not meant to be. For example my cell phone … I went to several stores only to be told their SOLD OUT and having spent my cell phone money on other things I had to save up some more. I finally had the money and went to the store excited to get my phone but find the store closed early. Came back the next day only to be told the guy that just left bought the last one.

I started wondering if maybe this was a sign that I should spend my money on something else or that it just wasn’t meant to be bcuz every attempt I made left me leaving empty handed. But finally I did get the phone but never did I image just how popular the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone really is.

But I’m starting to wonder the same thing again with the Aspire One laptop. I could of bought it the first time I saw it but I said I don’t need a laptop cuz I already have one. Now I want it and it’s not available. I could look at other stores like Best Buys or Fry’s but I’m sure they aren’t going to be priced at $199 like Walmart was. I’m unsure if I should just forget about it and leave it that there are things of higher priority to spend my money on or continue searching different Walmarts for the laptop.



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