Corn Nut .VS Chicacorn


I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a very long time but keep forgetting to. For those of you who are wondering what the heck is Chicacorn well keep reading on and you’ll find out. 😉

I’m sure many of us has eaten CornNuts as a snack. Chile Picante has always been my favorite one. That was before I met my now husband who is of Filipino decent. He gave me a bag of Chicacorn and I was immediately in Love with both the gifter and the snack.

Chicacorn is pretty much fried corn kernels til it puffs up like popcorn and seasoned with salt. The original version has crispy fried garlic cloves which flavors the frying oil and the corn. I admit this snack is not something you wanna eat before a important date or job interview as the garlic is pretty pungent.

Many of the brands out there do contain MSG which I try to avoid. But luckily there are brands that do not have MSG. But if you’re not concerned about MSG there are brands such as Boy Bawang and Ilocos Chicacorn that offer the Chicacorn in different flavors than Garlic. There’s flavors like Cheese, Barbeque, Spicy, Adobo, etc.

If you happen to have a Filipino market in your area do give Chichacorn a try. It’s like a cross between Popcorn and CornNuts. It’s crispy, flavorful, and addicting. You might even desert both Popcorn and CornNuts after giving it a try. Word of advice though they are SUPER crunchy snacks so I don’t advise sneaking some into a movie theater as the crunching sounds you will make will definitely disturb others.

But Chicacorn is definitely a snack to try and if you’re a Onion/Garlic lover like me the crispy fried garlic is a special treat or prize in every bag of Chicacorn.

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