Life begins with I …


Happy Friday !! Hope you have something positive planned for the weekend. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down and blue which is why I write this blog topic today to help encourage others. I am a very emotionally sensitive person and one of my bad habits is letting others get to me. I always have issues with caring about what others think or say about me. I cannot take criticism very well or even a single negative comment. Two of my very sensitive personal issues is my weight and my disability. If you want to hurt me just jab those two weak points.

My husband and I are planning on taking a vacation for our 3 yr. Wedding Anniversary and vacations to me always mean a swim in the pool. I haven’t gone swimming in a long time so I needed to buy a *new* swimsuit. Of course I hate clothes shopping bcuz I am reminded how overweight I really am. I found the most cutest swimsuit and I thought I looked cute it in but my husband comment you look pregnant in it. Of course he was just joking but like I said I’m a very emotionally sensitive person. Even though it was just a joke it jabbed me like a knife to the heart. I did buy the swimsuit but I was crying on the inside as we drove home.

I need to change myself and become a stronger person emotionally and mentally. I need to stop striving to please others and caring about what others think or say and focus more on myself !! You can’t spell L-I-F-E without I. The most important thing in Life is you !! Others do not matter !! Don’t let others or anyone for that matter control your Life. Life is what you make of it !! In order for you to find true happiness it all starts with YOU !! You are the only person who can make yourself happy in Life and control your Life. So if you want Life to be better you are the one who has to make the change. Nobody can make it for you nor can you depend on others to make the change. Sure, you can have others help guide you towards that change but only you can take action.

I dunno why I care so much about others. I admit I strive to please others, I strive to be accepted and loved by others, I care too much about what others think or care about me … if you hate me I will strive to find out why and change myself to change your hate towards me. Honestly, you’re probably thinking that’s stupid !! Who gives a f**k if they don’t like you. It seems so easy and rolls off the tongue just as easy. But I don’t know if it’s a psychological thing but I just can’t let it go. I’m a likable person and many of the people who know me say I’m the most sweetest, kindest, and loving person so when someone says they hate/dislike me I can’t shrug it off and ignore it. LOL I guess I’m make an excellent customer service rep since I can’t hang up the phone without the customer being completely satisfied and if you’re not I will do everything I can to make you satisfied. 😛

I just know that even though I’ve been on this Earth for 32 yrs. there’s still alot I need to change and improve in my Life before I can ever feel or find true happiness and peace in my Life. Just remember that YOU are the center of your world and Life. Life does not revolve around others but yourself. If you let Life revolve around other you’ll never be completely happy with your Life and a part of you will always be miserable. So don’t give a hoot about what others say or think. What’s most important is what you think of yourself and how you see yourself. ← I still need to work on that part. I’m too negative and lose too many friends bcuz of my negative attitude.


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